All Seeing Eye
All Seeing Eye



Level Required

Level 5


Stonecutter Emblem45 (Stonecutters 2014 Event)
Cash200,XP22 (after Event)

Collection Time

8 hours




Earning Emblems (from event until Level 51 release)
Breeding Conspiracies (from Level 51 release onwards)

Payout Increase


Conform-o-Meter Impact

Obedience: +10

The All Seeing Eye is a limited time premium decoration released during the Stonecutters 2014 Event. It earned the event currency "emblems" to help unlock exclusive prizes faster. After the Event it payed out 200 cash and 22XP every 8 hours.

It returned at the same price for the Stonecutters Black Market Sale on February 5, 2015.

It returned on January 3, 2017 during The Buck Stops Here 2018 Event. It was a possible prize to obtain in the Shadow Government Mystery Box.

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