Baby Gerald
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First appearance Season 5, Episode 19


Baby Gerald


Winter 2015 Event

Level Required


How to Unlock

4th Personal Prize, Act 3

Need to Collect

Pacifiers Currency Icon 27400 (Winter 2015)

Number of Jobs



Baby on Board 2: The Quickening

Premium Character?


Limited Time?


Character Collection

More Kids

*Ominous Glare*
— Baby Gerald's Unlock Message.

Baby Gerald is a limited time character released on January 2, 2016, along with the Winter 2015 Event. It's the fourth and final prize to be won in the Event's Act Three. He was then later made available permanently for 100 Donuts.

About Edit

Baby Gerald was born on the same day as Maggie Simpson. The grossly underfunded Springfield General Hospital had one diaper left, and it was given to Maggie. Baby Gerald was wrapped in the discount section of the Springfield Shopper. Though known for its great deals, the coupon section is not known for its absorbency, and Gerald developed a terrible rash which persists to this day. He blames Maggie for this uncomfortable condition and spends his nap times plotting revenge. Lisa has referred to Baby Gerald as Maggie’s rival.

Read the full article here at Simpsons Wiki

Jobs Edit

Regular Jobs

Task Rewards Time Requires Visual
Watch Happy Little Elves on TV Cash70
60m Brown House Nope
Fight Maggie Cash140
60m Maggie Check
Catch a Movie Cash110
2h Big T Theatre Nope
Smash Butterflies Cash175
4h - Check
Drink Formula at Moe's Cash275
8h Moe's Tavern Nope
Mess with Maggie's Stuff Cash420
12h Simpson House Nope
Nap With One Eye Open Cash600
24h Brown House Nope

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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