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Barbarian Castle
Barbarian Castle


Clash of Clones 2014 Event



Characters Unlocked



Nerd based on Upgrade Level (during event)
Cash 90, XP 10 (after event)


5 x 5

Collection Time

2 hours (during event)
4 hours (after event)

Building Time

16 hours


Prince and the Premise Pt. 2


Training Nerds (during event)
Chill Place to Bro Out (after event)

Conform-O-Meter Impact

Obedience: +10

The Barbarian Castle is a limited time building released on August 19, 2014, for the Clash of Clones 2014 Event, upon competion the event launched.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Drink out of an Enemy’s Skull - 60m
  • Have Nightmares about Peace - 4h

Barbarian Homer

  • Admire his Barbaric Physique - 4h

Wizard Marge

  • Enjoy "Magical" Night with Homer - 24h

Limited Time

Archer Lisa

  • Steal Premium Currency - 24h


  • Switch Places - 45s

Barbarian Homer

  • Steal Premium Currency - 24h

Goblin Bart

  • Steal Premium Currency - 24h


  • Attack Barbarian - 6s
  • Switch Places - 45s

Wizard Marge

  • Steal Premium Currency - 24h


Level Result Cost
1 5 Nerds/2 hours N/A
2 10 Nerds/2 hours Elixir200
3 Maximum number of nerds increased by 5 Elixir350
4 Castle Walls Unlock Elixir600
5 Increase town defense bonus by 1 Elixir800
6 Castle Towers Unlock Elixir1000
7 15 Nerds/2 hours Elixir1300
8 4x Castle Walls Elixir1600
9 Maximum number of nerds increased by 5 Elixir2000
10 Castle Gates Unlock Elixir2400
11 Increase town defense bonus by 1 Elixir2900
12 20 Nerds/2 Hours Elixir3400
13 Maximum number of nerds increased by 5 Elixir4000
14 Increase town defense bonus by 1 Elixir4600
15 25 Nerds/2 Hours Elixir5300
16 Maximum number of nerds increased by 5 Elixir6000
17 Increase town defense bonus by 1 Elixir6800
18 30 Nerds/2 Hours Elixir7600
19 Maximum number of nerds increased by 10 Elixir8500
20 Increase town defense bonus by 1 Elixir9400

After you have leveled the castle up to level 20 a message appears that you still can waste Elixir by upgrading the castle to expensive bonus-levels:

Bonus-Level Result Cost Upgrade Cost Event-Shop
21 1x Castle Wall Elixir10500 Elixir100

Before an update on 5 September 2014 was released the bonus-levels had been much more expensive, For example; the 21st level originally cost 105000 Elixir.


  • When being used, the torches are lit and the door is open.

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