Bell Tower
Bell Tower Menu

Content Update

Treehouse of Horror XXVII Event

How to Unlock

2nd Personal Prize, Act 1

Level Required


Need to Collect

Film Icon8750


Cash200, XP20

Collection Time

12 hours



Building Time

4 hours

Premium Building?


Limited Time?



Providing Sanctuary

Conform-O-Meter Impact

Vanity: +200

The Bell Tower is a limited-time building that was released on October 4, 2016, as part of the Treehouse of Horror XXVII Event. It was the second prize to be won in the event's Act 1 and it rewarded the player with 270 MAG Points once built.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Size Up Imaginary Targets - 4h

Dialogue Edit

Character Dialogue
Barney Scared Icon Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

Trivia Edit

  • Only one can be obtained.
  • It can be placed on grass, pavement, or dirt.

Gallery Edit

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