Black Box Black Out
Moe Icon

Level Required


Release Date

June 17, 2015

Number of Quest


Black Box Black Out is a questline for the Little Black Box that was released on June 17, 2015, along with the Level 54 content update.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Black Box Black Out Make Carl Drink at the Black Box
Make Lenny Drink at the Black Box
Make Moe Drink at the Black Box
Make Wiggum Drink at the Black Box
Make Barney Drink at the Black Box
(If the player has him)

Dialogue Edit

Black Box Black Out Edit

Character Dialogue
Lenny Icon "Hey, you guys wanna check out that new bar out by the airport?"
Moe Angry Icon "What do ya think you're doing, ya traitor!?"
Carl Icon "Aw, come on, Moe. I hear they got couches and satellite TV at that place."
Wiggum Icon "And they offer free mixed nuts, not just empty peanut bowls!"
Moe Sad Icon "Awright, fine. But if you're all livin' like high-rollers for the night, you're bringin' me with ya!"

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