Blocko Store
Blockostore menu


Pink Easter Box Prize Easter 2014
Donuts50 Easter 2015
Donuts30 Tap Ball 2015; Winter 2015

Level Required


Characters Unlocked



Cash300, XP30



Collection Time

12 hours

Building Time

24 hours (Easter 2014)
6 seconds (Easter 2015, Tap Ball 2015, Winter 2015)


Shipping Sharp-Edged Shapes

The Blocko Store is a limited time building released during the Easter 2014 Event where it could be unlocked as a prize in the Pink Easter Box. It returned as a premium item for the Easter 2015 Event, and later for the Tap Ball 2015 Event. It returned once more during Act 3 of the Winter 2015 Event.

About Edit

Lisa came in here but wanted a plain Blocko set, which they didn't sell. Lisa then said that she'd just buy Chubba the Shedd's Dust Palace and make something else out of it but the employee said she couldn't do that as she'd infringe on copyright.

Read the full article here at Simpsons Wiki

Jobs InvolvedEdit


  • Browse the Blocko Store - 2h

Trivia Edit

  • Blocko is an obvious parody of Lego.


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