Buried in Time
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Time Traveling Toaster 2017 Event

Level Required


Release Date

May 30, 2017

Number of Quests


Main Quest

It's About Time

Buried in Time was a side-questline during the Time Traveling Toaster 2017 Event. It introduced the player to the Excavation Site mechanics.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Buried in Time Pt. 1 Build the Excavation Site
Unearth a Hidden Gem
Fossil Icon/Papyrus Icon/Eye Patch Icon50
Buried in Time Pt. 2 Build Mom & Pop Hardware
Send Excavators to Acquire Shovels (x3)
Fossil Icon/Papyrus Icon/Eye Patch Icon50

Dialogue Edit

Buried in Time Pt. 1 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon Brainstorm -- if I take stuff I find in the past and bury it, it'll be there for me to dig up in the present! Pretty smart, eh, Lisa?
Lisa Curious Icon Well, no. You're still changing the past, with unpredictable implications for our current timeline.
Homer Annoyed Icon Let's try that again. Past-bury-now-dig-up-woo-hoo. Pretty smart, eh, Barney?
Barney Icon REALLY smart, Homer!
Lisa Deadpan Icon ...

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon Moral quandaries aside, I DO love unearthing ancient relics. I feel like Howard Carter discovering King Tut's tomb!
Homer Icon Or Steve Martin discovering King Tut's song!

Buried in Time Pt. 2 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon Groundskeeper Willie, we need more shovels to continue the excavation. Can we borrow some of yours?
Willie Icon My shovels are nae for digging, lass. These pieces are for my Springfield Shovel Museum. Opening Spring, 2035. Possibly Summer, 2035.
Lisa Curious Icon Does anyone really want to look at old shovels?
Willie Happy Icon Many of these shovels are priceless! In the sense they have no price, being utterly worthless.
Lisa Icon Well, I suppose we could buy some new shovels. As long as we don't invite in one of those huge national hardware chain stores.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Nagging Icon Do you think the name “Mom & Pop Hardware” might be just a tad misleading?
Lindsey Naegle Icon It better be! Global Dynamics, parent company of M&PH, certainly paid the advertising company enough to come up with it.

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