Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino
Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino Tapped Out


All Thanksgiving Events
Burns' Casino 2016 Event


Donuts 150

Level Required


Characters Unlocked

Tribal Chief


Cash 200, XP 22

Collection Time

8 hours


17 x 6

Building Time

6 seconds


God Bless Native America


Loosening Slots

Conform-O-Meter Impact

Consumerism: +10

The Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino is a limited time premium building first released for the Thanksgiving 2013 Event. Upon completion the Tribal Chief is unlocked and starts the God Bless Native America quest.

It has been re-released for all subsequent Thanksgiving Events.

It's set to be re-released for the Burns' Casino 2016 Event on March 17, 2016.

About Edit

Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino is a casino on an Indian reservation. In addition to gambling, the casino also offers entertainment acts, including Carrot Scalp and Gabbo and Arthur Crandall.

Read the full article here at Simpsons Wiki

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Tribal Chief

  • Attend a Corporate Meeting - 4h
  • Embark on a Vision Quest - 8h

Limited Time


  • Have Fun At The Native Casino - 24h


  • Attend a Corporate Meeting - 4h

Adult Springfielders

  • Live It Up' At The Native Casino - 12h

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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