Carl's Boy Vs. Aliens
Carl's Dad Caverns Sidebar


Wild West 2016 Event

Level Required


Release Date

May 17, 2016

Number of Quests


Carl's Boy Vs. Aliens is a side questline released on May 17, 2016 for the Wild West 2016 Event. It requires the decoration Carl's Dad Caverns.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Carl's Boy Vs. Aliens Pt. 1 Make Homer Dig Into Carl's Past
Place Carl's Dad Caverns
2h Cash100
Carl's Boy Vs. Aliens Pt. 2 Make Lisa Petition the Nutso Registry 60m Cash100
Carl's Boy Vs. Aliens Pt. 3 Make Lisa Search Carl's Dad Caverns With Homer
Make Carl Search Carl's Dad Caverns*
Carl's Boy Vs. Aliens Pt. 4 Make Homer Leave the Cave With Lisa
Make Carl Treat His “Glaucoma”*
Make Rigelians Treat Their “Glaucoma” (x2)**

*Only appears if the player has unlocked Carl.
**Only appears if the player has a rigelian.

Dialogue Edit

Carl's Boy Vs. Aliens Pt. 1 Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Confused Icon How come I never noticed this cave complex before: “Carl's Dad Caverns?”
Homer Icon What a coincidence -- Carl, YOU have Dad named Carl's Dad!
Carl Sad Icon They're named after my biological father. He disappeared in there years ago.
Carl Icon I don't talk about it. Partly because it's painful, but mostly because knowing stuff other people don't makes me feel like a big man.
Homer Icon I understand. I swear I won't dig into your past.

Carl's Boy Vs. Aliens Pt. 2 Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Ooh Icon Lisa, I found something!
Homer Confused Icon It's a newspaper article. It says that Carl's father was an “eccentric alien conspiracy theorist.”
Lisa Shocked Icon He claimed aliens had established a forward listening post in the Caverns. They put him on the Registered Nutjobs List!
Homer Sarcastic Icon Nutjobs are the worst kind of registered offenders there are.
Lisa Surprised Icon Well, he WASN'T crazy. Aliens ARE here. We bump into Kang and Kodos in the street all the time.
Lisa Shocked Icon We need to get Carl's Dad removed from that awful registry!

Carl's Boy Vs. Aliens Pt. 3 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Happy Icon Good news, Carl! We got your dad off the nutjob list!
Carl Sad Icon That's great, Lisa. Wish I could tell him in person.
Lisa Icon You never went to look for him in the caves, Carl?
Carl Sad Icon I wanted to. More than anything. But we live in a Golden Age of TV. I just couldn't get behind on my shows.
Lisa Confused Icon Uh... I GUESS I understand. But if it's that important to you, shouldn't we all go look for him?
Carl Icon It'd kill some time, I suppose. Also, you know, it's super-important to me on an emotional level.

Carl's Boy Vs. Aliens Pt. 4 Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Surprised Icon Look at all this hyper-advanced alien technology -- blown-glass pipes, grow lamps, hydroponic kits...
Kang Icon Greetings, puny humans! Peace and love.
Carl Angry Icon Where's my father? You used all this medical equipment to conduct bizarre experiments on him, didn't you?
Kang Icon Chill your inferior intellect! It's all good, my man. Your father, before he left, introduced us to a very special leaf.
Kodos Happy Icon It helps our... glaucoma. (*snorting laughter*)
Kang Happy Icon Yeah, we've got really bad glaucoma. The worst.
Kodos Icon The equipment you see is for the growing and enjoyment of this miracle leaf.
Homer Sarcastic Icon Ohhhhhhhhhh. I get it.
Homer Icon Lisa, us adults are going to talk about this some more. You know the way out right?
Lisa Angry Icon Oh, no. If it's true what they say about this “leaf,” I do NOT need you getting any dumber. Come on.