Casino Nessie
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Every casino should have a sea monster.


Casino Nessie


Burns' Casino 2016 Event

Level Required


How to Unlock

3rd Personal Prize, Act 2

Need to Collect

Casino Green Chip32950

Number of Jobs


Premium Character?


Limited Time?


Character Collection

Casino Staff

Now you see me, now you don't.
— Casino Nessie's Unlock Message

Casino Nessie is a limited-time NPC released on March 7, 2016, as part of the Burns' Casino 2016 Event. It's the third prize to be won in the Event's Act Two. When tapped on, she makes one of three soft purring sounds.

About Edit

Casino Nessie is the Loch Ness Monster single-handedly bested by Mr.Burns and brought to Springfield. With nowhere to go, Mr. Burns decided to give her a job at a Vegas casino.

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Trivia Edit

  • Like Stampy, Casino Nessie walks on the road instead of the path.
  • Ironically, while in the series Mr. Burns got Casino Nessie a job at a Casino, in the game Casino Nessie is a character without jobs.
  • In the episode Casino Nessie appears, Burns hires Willie and Homer and other townsfolk to go with him to capture Nessie. Nessie is later seen as the Blackjack dealer, thus giving rise to her unlock image.

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