Characters that are part of the Adults Character Group. As of September 3rd, 2015, 195 Characters are part of the group.

Jobs Edit

*Regular Rewards / Premium Rewards ** Premium Rewards for all characters

Regular Jobs

Task Rewards* Time Requires Visual
Try to Win at Blackjack Cash175 / 260
XP45 / 70
4h $ Casino Nope
Overpay for Sex on the Beach Cash260**
4h Smooches on the Beach Nope
Stay at the Swelldorado Cash260**
4h Swelldorado Nope
Drink and Babysit Cash175 / 260
XP45 / 70
4h The Boiled Potato Nope
Dance the Señor Burns Cash420**
8h Chez Guevara Nope