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This is a full list of game content; for a list of all content updates, see Content updates.

Below is a list of all content in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. They are organised by characters, costumes, buildings, decorations, and façades. Italicized Characters/Items were limited time and may not be available again.

Name Cost/How to unlock Character collection
Homer N/A Simpsons
Marge Build Moe's Tavern Simpsons
Bart Build Bart's Tree House Simpsons
Lisa Build the Simpson House Simpsons
Grampa Build the Retirement Castle Simpsons
Rev. Lovejoy Build the First Church of Springfield Churchy Joes
Father Sean Gold Easter Box Prize Churchy Joes
Mr. Burns Build the Cooling Towers Villains
Hank Scorpio Build the Volcano Lair Villains
Snake Build Springfield Penitentiary Villains
The Rich Texan Donuts85 Villains
Skinner Build Springfield Elementary School Workers
Willie Build Willie's Shack School Workers
Mrs. Krabappel Build the Krabappel Apartment School Workers
Otto Build the School Bus School Workers
Chalmers Build Springfield High School School Workers
Wiggum Build the Police Station Civil Servants
Quimby Build the Town Hall Civil Servants
Lou Build the S.W.A.T. Van Civil Servants
Eddie Build the S.W.A.T. Van Civil Servants
K9 Officer Donuts45 Civil Servants
Comic Book Guy Build Android's Dungeon Business Owners
Moe Build Moe's Tavern Business Owners
Luigi Build Luigi's Business Owners
Lugash Build Lugash's Gym Business Owners
Brockman Build Channel 6 C-List Celebrities
Bumblebee Man Donuts60 C-List Celebrities
Arnie Pye Donuts85 C-List Celebrities
Sideshow Mel Build Krustylu Studios C-List Celebrities
Miss Springfield Build the Sleep-Eazy Motel C-List Celebrities
Krusty the Clown Bulid Krusty Burger B-List Celebrities
Duffman Build the Duff Brewery B-List Celebrites
Booberella Donuts100 B-List Celebrites
Drederick Tatum Build Springfield Coliseum B-List Celebrites
Wolfcastle Build Wolfcastle's Mansion B-List Celebrites
Cletus Build Cletus's Farm Oddballs
Professor Frink Build Frink's Lab Oddballs
Herman Build Herman's Military Antiques Oddballs
Sea Captain Build the Houseboat Oddballs
Handsome Pete Donuts80 Oddballs
Squeaky Voice Teen Donuts30 Squeaky-voiced Teens & Molemen
Hans Moleman Donuts60 Squeaky-voiced Teens & Molemen
Milhouse Build the Van Houten House Kids
Martin Build Springfield Library Kids
Ralph Build the Wiggum House Kids
Sherri and Terri Donuts150 Kids
Kearney Donuts60 Toughies
Nelson Build the Muntz House Toughies
Shauna Donuts90 Toughies
Jimbo Donuts120 Toughies
Dolph Build Noise Land Video Arcade Toughies
The Raven Donuts30 Treehouse of Horror XXIII
Burns Monster Treat300/Donuts30 Treehouse of Horror XXIII
Mayan God Build the Mayan Calendar Treehouse of Horror XXIII
Talking Krusty Doll Build the House of Evil/Donuts60 Treehouse of Horror XXIII
Fat Tony Penny-Wiseguys Promotional/Build the Businessman's Social Club Wise Guys
Legs Build Fat Tony's Compound Wise Guys
Louie Build Fat Tony's Compound Wise Guys
Barney Build Barney's Bowlarama Barflies
Blue Funzo Donuts50 Funzos
Pink Funzo Santa coin1000/Donuts70 Funzos
Purple Funzo Santa coin750/Donuts60 Funzos
Santa's Little Helper Santa coin1500/Donuts150 Animals and Pets
Frink's Robot Dog Donuts60 Animals and Pets
Jub-Jub Build Springfield Pet Shop Animals and Pets
Turkey Complete Thankless Thanksgiving Pt.12 Animals and Pets
Christmas Raccoon Collect 40px-Tapped Out GiftCard18000 Animals and Pets
Dr. Hibbert Build Hibbert Family Practice Doctors
Dr. Nick Donuts90 Doctors
Smithers Build Burns Manor Plant Workers
Lenny Build Springfield Buddhist Temple Plant Workers
Carl Build Springfield Buddhist Temple Plant Workers
Mindy Simmons Build Madame Chao's Plant Workers
Tom O'Flanagan Build O'Flanagan's Pub Irishmen
Leprechaun Build Wishing Well Irishmen
Yupprechaun Build Sham Rock Café Irishmen
Lumpy Donuts55 Whacking Day
Pet Snake Snakes5500 Whacking Day
Agnes Skinner Build Skinner House Oldies
Jasper Beardly Build Community Center Oldies
Mime Donuts40 Boardwalk Performers
Juggler Donuts60 Boardwalk Performers
Fiddler Donuts50 Boardwalk Performers
Human Statue Money10000 Boardwalk Performers
Fire Eater Donuts70 Boardwalk Performers
Rex Banner Build Nighthawk Diner 4th July 2013
Abraham Lincoln Build Lincoln's Cabin 4th July 2013
Itchy Mascot Donuts60 Krustyland Mascots
Scratchy Mascot Donuts60 Krustyland Mascots
Poochie Mascot Krustylandticket2500 Krustyland Mascots
Patty Bouvier Build Spinster City Apartments Bouvier Family
Selma Bouvier Build Spinster City Apartments Bouvier Family
Disco Stu Build Stu's Disco More Oddballs
The Yes Guy Gift975 million More Oddballs
Kumiko FREE (Married to the Blob Promotional) More Oddballs
Brandine Spuckler Donuts100 More Oddballs
Shary Bobbins Gold Easter Box Prize More Oddballs
King Snorky Goo5250 Treehouse of Horror XXIV
Frog Prince Goo20 million Treehouse of Horror XXIV
Suzanne the Witch Build Gingerbread House Treehouse of Horror XXIV
Kang Purchase Ray Gun/Unlock Crashed UFO Aliens
Kodos Purchase Ray Gun Aliens
Shuffling Zombie Goo2000 Zombies
Crazy Zombie Donuts12 Zombies
Senile Zombie Donuts12 Zombies
Snarling Zombie Money50000 Zombies
Clawing Zombie Goo1 million Zombies
Kirk Van Houten Build Bachelor Arms Apartments Van Houtens
Luann Van Houten Build Cracker Factory Van Houtens
Tribal Chief Build Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino More Business Owners
The Grumple Donuts120 Holiday 2013
Mr. Costington Build Costington's Holiday 2013
Candy Kevin Donuts40 Holiday 2013
Snow Monster Holiday Wheel Prize Holiday 2013
Roy Snyder Build Court House Legal Eagles
Blue-Haired Lawyer Donuts90 Legal Eagles
Whitney Spuckler Complete Brandine's 90 day task Spuckler Brood
Dubya Spuckler Complete Brandine's 90 day task Spuckler Brood
Birthday Spuckler Complete Brandine's 90 day task Spuckler Brood
Snowball II Friendpoints 4500 More Animals and Pets
Pokey Donuts40 More Animals and Pets
Apu Build the Kwik-E-Mart Apu's Family
Manjula Build Apu's Apartment Apu's Family
Sanjay Build Sanjay's House Apu's Family
Capital City Goofball Level 7 Friend Point Mascots
Hugs Bunny Gold Easter Box Prize Easter 2014
Egg Council Guy Blue Easter Box Prize Easter 2014
Bunny #24601 Gold Easter Box Prize Easter 2014
Mojo Helper Monkey Donuts65 Easter 2014
Crazy Cat Lady Build the Crazy Cat House Even More Oddballs
Ned Flanders Build the Flanders House Flanders Family
Maude's Ghost Complete The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt.4/Build Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop Flanders Family
Todd Build Sir Putt-A-Lot's Flanders Family
Rod Build Sir Putt-A-Lot's Flanders Family
Stampy Friendpoints 11000 Exotic Animals and Pets
Freedom Donuts40 Exotic Animals and Pets
Chirpy Boy & Bart Jr. Pink Easter Box Prize Exotic Animals and Pets

Italicized characters were limited time and may not be available again.

Name Cost/How to unlock Character Unlocked Level
Asia de Cuba Donuts100 None 1
Crazy Cat House Donuts180 Crazy Cat Lady 1
Community Center Donuts150 Jasper Beardly 1
Duff Brewery Donuts190 Duffman 1
Fireworks, Candy & Puppies Donuts60 1
Apu's Apartment Donuts160 Manjula 1
Krustylu Studios Donuts140 Sideshow Mel 1
Lard Lad Donuts Donuts110 None 1
Museum of Natural History Donuts100 None 1
Open Air Stage Donuts160 None 1
Santa's Village Donuts200 Santa Homer 1
School Bus Donuts120 Otto 1
Simpson House Money135 Lisa Simpson 1
Singing Sirloin Friendpoints 3000 None 1
E.A.R.L. Friendpoints 5000 None 1
Sprawl-Mart Donuts90 None 1
Springfield Observatory Donuts75 None 1
Springfield Pet Shop Donuts90 Jub-Jub 1
Try-N-Save Santa coin450/Donuts70 None 1
Volcano Lair Donuts200 Hank Scorpio 1
Kwik-E-Mart (1st) Money220 Apu 2
Aztec Theatre Donuts80 None 3
Brown House Money355 None 3
Flanders House Money540 Ned Flanders 3
Frink's Lab Donuts150 Professor Frink 3
50ft Magnifying Glass Money3000000 None 5
Ancient Burial Ground Donuts40/Goo500 None 5
Bad Dream House Treat150/Donuts85 None 5
Banana Dictatorship Gold Easter Box Prize None 5
Barney's Bowlarama Santa coin200/Donuts250 Barney Gumble 5
Blocko Store Pink Easter Box Prize None 5
Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino Donuts150 Tribal Chief 5
Claus Co Holiday Wheel Prize None 5
Cletus's Farm Money1200 Cletus Spuckler 5
Cool Brown House FREE (The Day the Earth Stood Cool Promotional) Cool Homer 5
Costington's 40px-Tapped Out GiftCard30000 Mr. Costington 5
Cracker Factory Donuts150 Luann Van Houten 5
Duff Stadium Snakes4250/Donuts90 None 5
Egg Nog Bar 40px-Tapped Out GiftCard250 None 5
Elf Home 40px-Tapped Out GiftCard6,000/Donuts60 None 5
Escalator To Nowhere Money1 million None 5
First Church of Lard Lad Goo5 billion None 5
Fort Sensible Snakes150 None 5
Gingerbread House Goo10000 Susane the Witch 5
Guinea Pig Rescue Center FREE None 5
Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop Money2000/Donuts150 None 5
Happy Little Elves Ride 40px-Tapped Out GiftCard14000 None 5
Helter Shelter Holiday Wheel Prize None 5
House of Evil Treat100/Donuts45 Talking Krusty Doll 5
Howard's Flowers Hearts25/Donuts70 None 5
Johnny Fiestas Blue Easter Box Prize None 5
King Homer's Skyscraper Goo30 billion None 5
Lugash's Gym Donuts175 Lugash 5
Madame Chao's Money2500 Mindy Simmons 5
Mapple Store Santa coin150/Donuts90 None 5
Mausoleum Donuts60 None 5
Nighthawk Diner Money15000 Rex Banner 5
O'Flanagan's Pub Money1900 Tom O'Flanagan 5
Pet Cemetery Treat10/Donuts70 None 5
Phineas Q. Butterfat's Hearts10/Donuts80 None 5
Popsicle Stick Skyscraper Money2 billion None 5
Pumpkin House Goo100 None 5
Purple House Money1100 None 5
Sham Rock Café Donuts120 Yupprechaun 5
Sleep-Eazy Motel Snakes12500/Donuts225 Miss Springfield 5
Springfield Cemetery FREE/Donuts75 None 5
Springfield Coliseum Snakes10000/Donuts190 Drederick Tatum 5
Springfield Mall 40px-Tapped Out GiftCard3000 None 5
Springfield Skating Rink 40px-Tapped Out GiftCard10000 None 5
Super Collider Treat50 None 5
Swanky Fish Donuts90 None 5
The Sunsphere Money750000 None 5
Tunnel of Love Wheel of Friendship completion None 5
Twirl ‘n’ Hurl Goo6500 None 5
Ultrahouse 2 Goo4000 None 5
Up, Up and Buffet! Donuts90 None 5
Blue House Money1800 None 7
Krusty Burger (1st) Money2600 Krusty the Clown 7
Pink House Money3400 None 8
Van Houten House Money3800 Milhouse Van Houten 8
Springfield Elementary Money10500 None 9
White House Money7700 None 9
Gulp 'N' Blow Money13500 None 10
Willie's Shack Money12000 Willie 10
Control Building Money15000 None 11
Cooling Towers Money15000 Mr. Burns 11
Reactor Core Money18500 None 11
Bart's Tree House Money25000 Bart Simpson 12
Kamp Krusty Donuts200 Kamp Bart 12
Kwik-E-Mart (2nd+) Money20500 None 12
Springfield Library Money20500 Martin Prince 12
Android's Dungeon Money30000 Comic Book Guy 13
Orange House Money24500 None 13
First Church of Springfield Money32500 Reverend Lovejoy 14
Krusty Burger (2nd+) Money24000 None 14
The Java Server Money26500 None 14
Ferris Wheel Donuts120 None 15
Jake's Unisex Hair Palace Money29000 None 15
Just Rainsticks Money52000 None 15
Moe's Tavern Money32000 Marge & Moe 15
Malaria Zone Money47500 None 15
Planet Hype Donuts150 None 15
Sir Putt-A-Lot's Hearts50 None 15
The Frying Dutchman Money43000 None 15
The Itchy and Scratchy Store Money32000 None 15
Gilded Truffle Money31000 None 16
Springfield Downs Money34500 None 16
Turban Outfitters Money61500 None 16
King Toot's Money37000 None 17
My First Tattoo Money54500 None 17
Police Station Money40500 Wiggum 17
Luigi's Money39000 Luigi 18
Much Ado About Muffins Money48500 None 18
Skip's Diner Money35500 None 18
Crypto Barn Money81000 None 19
Springfield Penitentiary Money46000 Snake Jailbird 19
Death Drop Krustylandticket130 None 20
Eyeballs of Death Donuts100 None 20
Krustyland Entrance Krustylandticket20 None 20
Mt. Krustmore Donuts150 None 20
Town Hall Money48500 Mayor Quimby 20
Muntz House Money46500 Nelson Muntz 21
Krabappel Apartment Money54000 Edna Krabappel 22
Sleeping Itchy's Castle Krustylandticket1000 None 22
Channel 6 Money46000 Kent Brockman 23
Gift Shop Krustylandticket1750 None 23
Springfield Post Office Money69000 None 23
Hibbert Family Practice Money53500 Dr. Hibbert 24
Radioactive Man: The Ride Krustylandticket2500 None 24
Springfield General Hospital Money65500 None 24
Burns Manor Money75500 Smithers 25
Pimento Grove Money56000 None 25
The Food Needle Krustylandticket5000 None 25
El Chemistri Money71500 None 26
Wet & Smokey Stunt Show Krustylandticket7500 None 26
Wiggum House Money58500 Ralph Wiggum 26
Adult Education Annex Money60500 None 27
Krusty's Haunted Condo Krustylandticket10000 None 27
Scratchy's Flea Dipper Krustylandticket12000 None 27
Springfield Buddhist Temple Money74000 Lenny & Carl 27
Businessman's Social Club Money63000 Fat Tony 28
Fat Tony's Compound Money85000 Legs & Louie 28
Krustyland Hotel Krustylandticket20000 None 28
Viking Boat Ride Krustylandticket16000 None 28
Duff Pavilion Krustylandticket25000 None 29
Skinner House Money65500 Agnes Skinner 29
The Tooth Chipper Krustylandticket32000 None 29
Herman's Military Antiques Money83000 Herman Hermann 30
Zesty's Money68000 None 30
All Night Gym Money70500 None 31
Wolfcastle's Mansion Money114500 Wolfcastle 31
Calmwood Mental Hospital Money108000 None 32
Sir Putt-A-Lot's Money89000 Rod Flanders & Todd Flanders 32
Springfield Wax Museum Money92000 None 33
Springfield High School Money100750 Superintendent Chalmers 34
Springfield Knowledgeum Money164450 None 34
DMV Money112000 None 35
Stu's Disco Donuts180 Disco Stu 35
Spinster City Apartments Money182700 Selma & Patty 35
Noise Land Video Arcade Money132000 Dolph Starbeam 36
Bachelor Arms Apartments Money169000 Kirk Van Houten 37
Office of Unemployment Money207000 None 37
Court House Money319500 Judge Snyder 38
Springfield Grocery Store Money261000 None 38
Sanjay's House Money438000 Sanjay 39

Italicized buildings were limited time and may not be available again.

Name Cost/How to unlock Decoration Collection Level
Apple Tree Donuts15 Tree Hugging 1
Backwater Brewery Donuts25 Vanity 1
Bench Money270 Vanity 1
Burning Bush Donuts20 Tree Hugging 1
Cremo Bot Donuts30 Vanity 1
Homer's Grave Complete Not Enough (Moral) Fiber Pt. 3 Vanity 1
Butterfly Tent Donuts20 Vanity 1
Cannon Donuts20 Vanity 1
Channel 6 News Van Donuts40 Vanity 1
Devil Float Donuts40 Vanity 1
Duff-Barney Blimp Donuts70 Promotionals 1
Duff Party Bus Donuts50 Promotionals 1
Dumpster (green) Donuts10 Vanity 1
Excellence Prize Statue Donuts20 Promotionals 1
Flower Planter Donuts10 Tree Hugging 1
Frinkosonic MHV Donuts35 Promotionals 1
Fruit-Bat Signal FREE Promotionals 1
Giant Grasshopper Donuts35 Promotionals 1
Hi-Glow Waste Barrels Donuts40 Promotionals 1
Homer's Car Friendpoints 6000 Vanity 1
Homer's Hammock Donuts5 Tree Hugging 1
Hot Tub Donuts60 Vanity 1
Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons Donuts30 Promotionals 1
Jebediah Statue FREE Vanity 1
Jet Engine Bike Donuts30 Vanity 1
Kiddie Pool Money100 Vanity 1
Laramie Vending Machine Money3500 Promotionals 1
Left-handed Roadster Donuts40 Vanity 1
Lemon Tree Mystery Box Tree Hugging 1
Limo Donuts40 Promotionals 1
Little Lady Justice Donuts75 Vanity 1
Miniature Nuclear Warhead Donuts45 Vanity 1
Mr. Sparkle Billboard Donuts30 Promotionals 1
Mount Carlmore Donuts120 Vanity 1
Olmec Head Friendpoints 1000 Vanity 1
Oscar's Obstacles Truck FREE Promotionals 1
Robby The Automaton Donuts40 Vanity 1
Picket Fence Donuts1 Vanity 1
Piece-of-crap Car Donuts30 Vanity 1
Southern Cracker Fountain Donuts30 Vanity 1
Springfield Sign Donuts170 Vanity 1
Tetherball Donuts20 Vanity 1
Tree Swing Donuts20 Tree Hugging 1
Orange Tree Donuts15 Tree Hugging 1
Worldwide Broadcast Dish Donuts30 Vanity 1
Bench Donuts6 Vanity 3
Shrub Money25 Tree Hugging 3
Tree Money100 Tree Hugging 3
"Christmas" Totem Gift450 million Christmas 2013 5
Ancient Burial Ground Goo500/Donuts40 Treehouse of Horror XXIV 5
Ambulance Donuts30 Vanity 5
American Flag Money5600 4th July 2013 5
Balance Beam Snakes1000 Whacking Day 5
Barbed Wire Fence Money175 Vanity 5
Bart Snowman Donuts20/Holiday Wheel Prize Christmas 2012/2013 5
Beach Chair Money250 Valentine's Day 2014 5
Beach Towel and Umbrella Pink Easter Box Prize Easter 2014 5
Black Hole FREE Treehouse of Horror XXIII 5
Blinky Balloon Money15000/Money16500 Thanksgiving 2012/2013 5
Box of Fireworks FREE/Donuts50 4th July 2013 5
Burns Coffin Goo8000 Treehouse of Horror XXIV 5
Burns Limo Donuts40 Vanity 5
Cauldron Donuts90/Donuts75 Treehouse of Horror XXIII/XXIV 5
Cherub Bird Bath Wheel of Friendship Prize Valentine's Day 2014 5
Cherub Topiary Hearts35/Money3500 Valentine's Day 2013/2014 5
Cozy Hammock Hearts40/Donuts40 Valentine's Day 2013/2014 5
Crashed UFO FREE Treehouse of Horror XXIII/XXIV 5
Dead Tree Money270 Treehouse of Horror XXIII/XXIV 5
Devil Donuts Cart Money5200 Promotionals 5
Dumpster (blue) Money1000 Vanity 5
Duff Blimp FREE Super Bowl 5
Duff Racer FREE/Money25000 Promotionals 5
Easter Banner Money12500 Easter 2014 5
Easter Egg Pile Blue Easter Box Prize Easter 2014 5
Easter Fence Blue Easter Box/Pink Easter Box Prize Easter 2014 5
Easter Float Money15000 Easter 2014 5
Easter Pond Blue Easter Box Prize Easter 2014 5
Easter Tree Pink Easter Box Prize Easter 2014 5
Faberge Egg Donuts100 Easter 2014 5
Festive Bell Lamp Post Money385 Christmas 2013 5
Festive Bow Lamp Post Money385 Christmas 2013 5
Festive Candycane Money450 Christmas 2013 5
Festive Fancy Lawn Bell Money425 Christmas 2013 5
Festive Hot Drink Stand Money1200 Christmas 2013 5
Festive Lawn Angel Money750 Christmas 2013 5
Festive Lawn Bell Money425 Christmas 2013 5
Festive Nutcracker Money600 Christmas 2013 5
Festive Trashcan Fire Donuts3 Christmas 2013 5
Festive Wreath Lamp Post Money385 Christmas 2013 5
Fountain of Love Wheel of Friendship Prize Valentine's Day 2014 5
Freakmobile Donuts35 Treehouse of Horror XXIV 5
Freak Show Tent Money740 Treehouse of Horror XXIV 5
Frink-thetic Egg Generator Mk I Donuts40 Easter 2014 5
Frink-thetic Egg Generator Mk II Donuts75 Easter 2014 5
Grampa Snowman Donuts20/Holiday Wheel Prize Christmas 2013 5
Green Practice Snake Donuts10 Whacking Day 5
Ghost Zapper Donuts60 Treehouse of Horror XXIV 5
Gorgeous Grampa Billboard Donuts50 Promotionals 5
Holiday Tree FREE/Donuts75/40px-Tapped Out GiftCard1500 Christmas 2012/2013 5
Hollow Snake Trunk Donuts75 Whacking Day 5
Homer Snowman Donuts20/Holiday Wheel Prize Christmas 2012/2013 5
I Choo-Choo-Choose You Train Hearts100/Wheel of Friendship Prize Valentine's Day 2013/2014 5
Ice God Holiday Wheel Prize Christmas 2013 5
Iron Railing Money220 Vanity 5
Itchy Balloon Donuts40/Donuts30 Thanksgiving 2012/2013 5
Jack-O-Lantern Money135 Treehouse of Horror XXIII/XXIV 5
Kang Topiary Donuts15/Gold Easter Box Prize Easter 2014 5
Kodos Topiary Donuts15/Gold Easter Box Prize Easter 2014 5
Leprechaun Statue Money25000 St. Patrick's Day 2014 Event 5
Liberty Bell FREE 4th July 2013 5
Lisa Snowman Donuts20/Holiday Wheel Prize Christmas 2012/2013 5
Lisa Statue of Liberty Donuts65 4th July 2013 5
Love Bench Wheel of Friendship Prize Valentine's Day 2014 5
Love Planter Hearts15/Money1300 Valentine's Day 2013/2014 5
Lovely Fence Wheel of Friendship Prize Valentine's Day 2014 5
Lovely Flower Cart Wheel of Friendship Prize Valentine's Day 2014 5
Lovely Gazebo Wheel of Friendship Prize Valentine's Day 2014 5
Lovely Lamp Post Wheel of Friendship Prize Valentine's Day 2014 5
Maggie Snowman Donuts20/Holiday Wheel Prize Christmas 2012/2013 5
Marge Snowman Donuts20/Holiday Wheel Prize Christmas 2012/2013 5
Mayan Calendar FREE Treehouse of Horror XXIII 5
Ninja Homer Practice Snake Donuts120 Whacking Day 5
Parking Lot Money175 Vanity 5
Pastel Picket Fence Gold Easter Box Prize Easter 2014 5
Peanut Cart Money520 Gluttony 5
Pinwheel Firework Donuts30 4th July 2013 5
Plow King's Plow 40px-Tapped Out GiftCard26000 Christmas 2013 5
Police Car Donuts40 Obedience 5
Poochie Parade Balloon Money20000 Thanksgiving 2013 5
Pow Wow's Casino Sign Donuts40 Thanksgiving 2013 5
Present Depot Money2000 Christmas 2013 5
Pumpkin Patch Money420 Treehouse of Horror XXIII/XXIV 5
Purple Practice Snake Donuts10 Whacking Day 5
Ray Gun Donuts100/Donuts150 Treehouse of Horror XXIII/XXIV 5
Red Practice Snake Donuts10 Whacking Day 5
Reindeer FREE/Donuts20 Christmas 2012/2013 5
Rose Arch Hearts25/Wheel of Friendship Prize Valentine's Day 2013/2014 5
Rose Bush Hearts10/Money1000 Valentine's Day 2013/2014 5
Rusty The Clown Parade Balloon Money5400 Thanksgiving 2013 5
Santa's Little Helper Balloon Money30000 Thanksgiving 2012/2013 5
Santa's Little Helper Snowdog Donuts20/Holiday Wheel Prize Christmas 2013 5
Scratchy Balloon Money1000 Thanksgiving 2012/2013 5
Shamrock Topiary FREE St. Patrick's Day 5
Snake Rocks Snakes2000/Donuts40 Whacking Day 5
Snake Speakers Donuts50 Whacking Day 5
Snake Stump Donuts55 Whacking Day 5
Snowball 2 Balloon Donuts20/Donuts15 Thanksgiving 2012/2013 5
Snowball II Snowcat Donuts20/Holiday Wheel Prize Christmas 2013 5
Springfield Falls FREE Promotionals 5
Spooky Tree Money325 Treehouse of Horror XXIII/XXIV 5
Spooky Wall Donuts1 Treehouse of Horror XXIV 5
Stampy Parade Balloon Donuts40 Thanksgiving 2013 5
Strupo Statue Donuts20 War of Art Promotional 5
Sumatran Century Flower Donuts75 Easter 2014 5
Tire Fire Donuts40 Vanity 5
The Grumple Parade Balloon Donuts25 Thanksgiving 2013 5
The Mayflower Donuts100 Thanksgiving 2013 5
Valentine's Balloons Wheel of Friendship Prize Valentine's Day 2014 5
Valentine's Pond Hearts30/Wheel of Friendship Prize Valentine's Day 2013/2014 5
Valentine's Tree Hearts15/Money760 Valentine's Day 2013/2014 5
Victorian UFO Goo3000 Treehouse of Horror XXIV 5
Wailing Wall FREE/Donuts50 Treehouse of Horror XXIV 5
Whacking Day Banner Money1000 Whacking Day 5
Whacking Mugs Stalls Money10000 Whacking Day 5
Whacking Stick Stall Money15000 Whacking Day 5
Whacking T-Shirt Stall Money4500 Whacking Day 5
Wind Sock Money1900 Whacking Day 5
Wishing Well Donuts150 St. Patrick's Day 5
USS Tom Clancy Donuts50 Promotionals 5
World's Largest Zirconia Money5 million Vanity 5
Yellow Practice Snake Donuts10 Whacking Day 5
Wooden Fence Money135 Vanity 6
Garbage Bin Money175 Vanity 7
Large Hedge Money325 Tree Hugging 7
Shrub Money70 Tree Hugging 7
Newspaper Dispenser Money325 Vanity 8
Small Hedge Money220 Tree Hugging 8
Tree Money220 Tree Hugging 8
Bench Money520 Vanity 9
Trash Can Money70 Vanity 10
Tree Money385 Tree Hugging 10
Planter Money850 Tree Hugging 11
Tree Money595 Tree Hugging 11
Snapdragons Money270 Tree Hugging 12
Shrub Money135 Tree Hugging 12
Flowers Money520 Tree Hugging 13
Parking Meter Money270 Vanity 13
Tree Money135 Tree Hugging 13
Flowers Money385 Tree Hugging 14
Gazebo Money5600 Vanity 14
Phone Booth Money1200 Vanity 14
Basketball Game Donuts40 Squidport 15
Bench Money595 Vanity 15
Boardwalk Fountain Donuts75 Squidport 15
Fence Money270 Vanity 15
Flowers Money325 Tree Hugging 15
Fried Dough Stand Money945 Squidport 15
Hot Dog Stand Donuts20 Squidport 15
Houseboat Money15000 Indolence 15
Knightboat Donuts40 Vanity 15
Lamp Post Money450 Vanity 15
Lemonade Stand Money760 Squidport 15
Popcorn Stand Donuts10 Squidport 15
Squidport Entrance Money4500 Squidport 15
Three-Eyed Sushi FREE Promotionals 15
Tree Money270 Tree Hugging 15
Whale Donuts300 Squidport 15
Barrier Money760 Vanity 16
Flowers Money270 Tree Hugging 16
Shrub Money220 Tree Hugging 16
Boardwalk Bench Money325 Squidport 17
Coffee Kart Money850 Squidport 17
Lamp Post Money385 Vanity 17
Tree Money450 Tree Hugging 17
Angel Topiary Money2000 Tree Hugging 18
Chain Fence Money270 Vanity 19
Shrub Money325 Tree Hugging 19
Clown Garbage Can Donuts15 Krustyland 20
Krusty Fountain Donuts100 Krustyland 20
Krustyland Shuttle Money50000 Vanity 20
Ring Toss Krustylandticket35 Krustyland 20
Tree Money675 Tree Hugging 20
Whack-A-Mole Donuts50 Krustyland 20
Wheel Of Chance Krustylandticket500 Krustyland 20
Broken Down Dryer Money595 Vanity 21
Broken Down Washer Money520 Vanity 21
Greenpeace Boat Money1300 Tree Hugging 21
Khlav Kalash Stand Money760 Gluttony 21
Knock Over The Fuzzy Guy Krustylandticket500 Krustyland 21
Krustyland Fence Krustylandticket10 Krustyland 21
Krustyland Garbage Bin Krustylandticket100 Krustyland 21
Shrub Krustylandticket50 Krustyland 21
Strike Three Krustylandticket500 Krustyland 21
Tree Krustylandticket125 Krustyland 21
Gas Pump Money1300 Vanity 22
Krustyland Bench Krustylandticket100 Krustyland 22
Patio Table Money1400 Vanity 22
Pylon Money135 Vanity 22
See-Saw Money760 Vanity 22
Sideshow You Krustylandticket1000 Krustyland 22
Stop Sign Money385 Obedience 22
Flowers Krustylandticket100 Krustyland 23
Graffiti Wall Money385 Vanity 23
Hail Ants Sign Money450 Obedience 23
Krustyland Hotdog Stand Krustylandticket400 Krustyland 23
Krustyland Popcorn Stand Krustylandticket400 Krustyland 23
Lawn Chair Money520 Vanity 23
Pavilion Tent Krustylandticket300 Krustyland 23
Red Brick Wall Money520 Vanity 23
Volleyball Net Money4500 Vanity 23
Weather Station Money9500 Vanity 23
Pavilion Tent Krustylandticket300 Krustyland 24
Fountain Money3500 Vanity 25
Krustyland Cotton Candy Stand Krustylandticket400 Krustyland 26
Krustyland Fried Dough Stand Krustylandticket400 Krustyland 26
Rabbit Hedge Money1300 Tree Hugging 26
Swing Money2600 Vanity 26
Cobblestone Wall Money220 Vanity 29
Springfield Park Entrance Money595 Vanity 29
Bomb Shelter Money5600 Vanity 30
Dizzy Duff Topiary Krustylandticket400 Krustyland 30
Edgy Duff Topiary Krustylandticket300 Krustyland 30
Remorseful Duff Topiary Krustylandticket300 Krustyland 30
Sleazy Duff Topiary Krustylandticket400 Krustyland 30
Surly Duff Topiary Krustylandticket300 Krustyland 30
Tipsy Duff Topiary Krustylandticket500 Krustyland 30
Training Dummy Money4500 Vanity 30
Queasy Duff Topiary Krustylandticket400 Krustyland 30
Carved Ice Sculpture Money2600 Vanity 31
Bumblebee Man's Tacos Krustylandticket1000 Krustyland 30
Radioactive Man Billboard Donuts30 Vanity 31
Monkey Bars Money760 Vanity 32
S.W.A.T. Van Money75000 Righteousness 33
Training Wall Money270 Righteousness 33
Camp Fire Money2600 Tree Hugging 34
Chalmer's 1979 -ONDA Money9800 Vanity 34
Minnow Pond Money4500 Tree Hugging 34
DMV Limo Donuts50 Vanity 35
Popsicle Stick Disco Stu// Money8300 Vanity 35
Popsicle Stick Patty & Selma Money8300 Vanity 35
Stolen Bumper Car Money760 Vanity 36
Golden Calf Idol FREE/Donuts30 Vanity 37
Fleet-A-Pita Van Money5600 Gluttony 37
Fleet-A-Pita Van Krustylandticket500 Krustyland 37
Lady Justice Statue Money4500 Obedience 38
Shiva Statue Donuts40 Vanity 39

Italicized decorations were limited time and may not be available again.

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