Homer is the character with the most quotes

Character quotes
are words characters say when tapped on, sent on a job, or finish a job. Characters will say different things depending on the job, such as Homer wilI say 'Doh!' when sent on a job he does not like (e.g. Go to Church.)

A lot of characters do not have quotes, such as Milhouse and Martin, mostly because only the contracts of the six main voice actors of the show allow the use of their voices for this type of game.

Even if there are a few new lines for characters, there is a lot of reused dialogue. Characters from the initial release use sounds from episodes, which could explain why they barely say full sentences. Since the Level 23 characters, there is a lot of reused lines from The Simpsons Game, for those who appeared here. One-time spot characters, or minor characters like Mrs. Bouvier or Marvin Monroe have all their lines reused from the episode where they had a major role.

Voice cast Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Most female characters and kids characters are mute, because most of them are voiceed by recurring cast members. This is probably why it took a long time before having a decent number of female characters in the game.

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