Christmas Float


Christmas 2014 Event
Winter 2015 Event


Cash80000 (2015)

Need to Collect

Present580 (2014)



Payout Increase


The Christmas Float is a limited time decoration, and was the first Personal Prize unlocked in the Christmas 2014 Event Part 1 prize track.

It was made available again with the Winter 2015 Event, as a decoration bought with Cash.

Dialogue Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Ooh Icon "A Christmas float! Wait till the guys see me drive up to Moe's in this thing."
Bart Laughing Icon "You don't know how to drive a float. You barely know how to drive a car."
Homer Angry Icon "Why you little..."
Lisa Deadpan Icon "Bart's right. You don't have a license to drive a float."
Homer Icon "Sure I do. It says it right here on my driver's license."
Lisa Annoyed Icon "Someone just wrote "float" on the back in magic market."
Homer Happy Icon "That's how they do it."
Lisa Angry Icon "Do they normally misspell it "flote"?"

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "This stupid float just sits there, like all the other stupid cars in Springfield."
Lisa Icon "Well, Dad, you can still distribute the candy from that big basket on top."
Lisa Icon "Dad?"
Homer Icon "Can't talk. Eating candy."

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