Christmas Raccoon
Christmas Raccoon


Christmas Raccoon


Christmas 2013 Event

Level Required



Gift Card Currency Icon18000

Number of Jobs


Premium Character ?


Limited Time?


Character Collection

Animals and Pets

It's amazing what an animal can do with human-like hands.
— Christmas Raccoon's Unlock Message

The Christmas Raccoon is a character which was released with the Christmas 2013 Event. When tapped it will wave its arms and legs, like it's being tickled.


  • In the trailer for the Christmas 2013 Event, the Christmas Raccoon is referred to as the Holiday Raccoon.
  • The Christmas Raccoon's animation may be a parody of Surprised Kitty, a YouTube video of a young kitten being tickled that reacts by throwing its hands back whenever the tickling stops. In October 2009, within two weeks, the video had over 7,000,000 views and it accumulated over 61 million views as of March 2012.
  • In a Christmas episode, it is revealed that he lives in a garbage can, he and the other racoons celebrating Christmas with Grandpa Simpson.
  • The Christmas Raccoon gave rancid lard for Grampa Simpson as a Holiday Gift.


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