Christmas White House
Christmas White House Snow Menu


White House

Obtained Through

Christmas Event


Santa Coin Currency Icon50

Bonus Income

Santa Coin Currency Icon5

Waiting Time

24 hours

Limited Time?


The Christmas White House is an alternative façade for the White House. It could be obtained during the Christmas Event. The façade does not unlock any additional jobs to be performed.


  • All the façade adds is Christmas lights around the house.
  • Even after the Christmas Event was over, players can still use the Christmas themed façades on their houses, however they will just earn their normal income - it will only change the appearance now.


  • If you purchase another White House after the Christmas Event, you can still add the façade to the long as you paid the  50 Santa Coins during the event. This also works with the other buildings such as Brown, Blue, Pink, Purple, Etc.