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Conformity Increase

Consumerism: +10

The Coffee Shop is a building released on July 22, 2015, during the Springfield Heights Expansion. It's a Harvesting Station where the Player will collect Lattes to progress into the game. It's unlocked for free with the player exploring and buying new lands to discover the Coffee Shop.


The Coffee Shop is where Marge had coffee with Patty and Selma before she discovered Homer was a wingman. The shop's symbol is similar to the symbol of Starbucks.

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Capacity of StorageEdit

1 2 3 4 5
Storage N/A +10 +30 +50 +100
Total 10 20 50 100 200

Additionally, a specific premium character can also work at the station, however, the storage capacity is not affected by this.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

* Each task length is 2 minutes.

Character Task Requires Cost Rewards
Squeaky Voice Teen Sidebar Clean Espresso Machines N/A N/A Coffee Indicator2 + XP3
Comic Book Guy Sidebar Binge-Watch TV on Free Wifi N/A N/A Coffee Indicator1 + XP2
Mr. Burns Sidebar Buy Gold Flecked Latte Macchiato Real Estate Indicator700K Furniture Indicator5 Coffee Indicator1 + XP2
Lisa Sidebar Recite Poetry For Annoyed Patrons Real Estate Indicator1M Furniture Indicator15 + Coffee Indicator4 Coffee Indicator1 + XP2
Grampa Sidebar Try To Order Plain Black Coffee Real Estate Indicator2.25M Furniture Indicator40 + Smart Device Indicator5 Coffee Indicator1 + XP2
Louie Sidebar Review Latest Work in Obituaries Real Estate Indicator2.85M Furniture Indicator50 + Smart Device Indicator20 Coffee Indicator1 + XP2


  • Number 1 has a one-hour job at the Mountain Lodge, "Controlling the Latte Market", which generates 15 lattes.
  • Louie can not be sent on the job if the player does not have him, even when his job is unlocked. This also applies to Legs job at the L.A. Body Works.


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