Cracker Factory
Cracker Factory Tapped Out



Characters Unlocked


Level Required



Cash 300 XP 30

Collection Time

12 Hours


10 x 10

Building Time

6 seconds


Calling Fatty Things "Low Fat"

Conform-O-Meter Impact

Gluttony: +10

The Cracker Factory is a premium building released on November 7, 2013, along with the level 37 update. Upon completion, Luann is unlocked. Priced at 150 donuts, it was one of the higher priced premium items available on its release time.

During the Black Friday 2015 Promotion the player got a refund (rebate) of 40 donuts when purchased.

About Edit

Southern Cracker (the Dryyyyyy Cracker) is a cracker brand in Springfield owned by Luann's father. It was once the number one cracker brand in town, until the company's managerial duties were handed over to Luann's husband Kirk, who sunk it to sixth in a tie with Table Time and Allied Biscuit. The Cracker Factory has an enormous room where it stores the salt necessary to make its crackers, as well as an entire silo where it stores salt. Kirk once took his son Milhouse on a tour of the factory. Southern Cracker is adamant about their "happy family" appeal, having to fire Kirk when he and Luann divorced.

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Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs


  • Run the Cracker Factory - 8h


  • Run the Cracker Factory - 8h

Quest Based Jobs


  • Work at the Cracker Factory - 8h


  • Check on the Cracker Factory - 12h

Gallery Edit

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