Cutscenes are small video clips in The Simpsons: Tapped Out that take place between certain events. There are currently eight cutscenes. They are:

Video Description Unlocked At
Cutscene Thumbnail - Kaboom Kaboom
Homer plays a Happy Little Elves game during his plant shift, and, due to his ignorance, the Cooling Towers overheat causing the Power Plant and the rest of Springfield to explode. Starting the game
Cutscene Thumbnail - Home Alone Home Alone
Homer goes home after a later plant shift and shouts: "Marge, I'm home! What's for dinner?" Homer then remembers he is alone. It's Pronounced Nu-cular Pt. 4
Cutscene Thumbnail - Treehouse Treehouse
The treehouse falls from the sky and Bart falls out landing face-first. Homer picks up some of the XP and cash from the Tree House while humming and looks at Bart and says: "Hey boy," Bart moans, then Homer continues on his merry way. Completion of Bart's Tree House.
Cutscene Thumbnail - True Love True Love
Homer is standing outside Moe's and Marge comes out. Homer says: "Marge, oh my god, I couldn't be happier to see you!" Marge then shows him some Duff Beer: "But I am," Homer adds. They then kiss. Completion of Moe's Tavern.
Cutscene Thumbnail - Maggie Maggie
The clouds part and a ray of sunshine falls on Maggie. Marge applies sunscreen to Maggie's face. You Better Not Cry
Cutscene Thumbnail - The End of the Beginning The End of the Beginning
The cutscene's starting frame is the same as Kaboom, but there is the mechanical nanny named R.O.S.A, who babysits at the Nuclear Power Plant Daycare. One of the children there is Maggie, having fun with a rub-and-smell book.

The next frame shows a 4h job-timer which just finishes. Except for Baby Gerald, who was on Time-Out (detention), all children get a donut from R.O.S.A. When Gerald tries to take the last one anyway, R.O.S.A coldly says him "I'm afraid that I can't let you do that,Gerald". Gerald then switches it's batteries with carbon rods, causing R.O.S.A to malfunction. Maggie hops on R.O.S.A and drives it into the Reactor Core. The reflection in Maggie's eyes shows the explosion of the town.

In the end Maggie finds herself in a pod while a smartphone is approaching. Maggie puts her index finger on the screen. The smartphone then shows the loading screen of The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Maggies's finger becomes Sky Finger. Finally the "Cannot Connect To The Server" screen appears and Sky Finger taps "Retry" numerous times.

The End of the Beginning Pt. 21
Cutscene Thumbnail - The Death of Radioactive Man The Death of Radioactive Man
Fallout Boy is inside the Brown House, thinking he is disabling "The Mind Control Ray". Radioactive Man flies over the house yelling at Fallout Boy not to do it because it is a trap. Yet, he does it anyway, causing the house to explode and killing Radioactive Man. Death of a Hero Pt. 4
Cutscene Thumbnail - The Return of Radioactive Man The Return of Radioactive Man
Fallout Boy has defeated the Radioactive Man Statue and Radioactive Man comes out of it. The heroic music from the first 3 portions of the event plays as they make a heroic look away and then they look at each other, smiling. Monumental Battle Pt. 10

Trivia Edit

  • The The End of the Beginning makes a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey, where the protagonist Dave gets the same response from AI HAL 9000, while requesting it to open the doors.