Death Table
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Content Update

Secret Agents 2017 Event

Level Required


How to Unlock

7th Personal Prize, Act 1

Need to Collect

Cheap Intel Icon78600

Characters Unlocked

Agent Bont

Premium Item?


Limited Time?





From Springfield With Love

Bonus Payout


Conform-O-Meter Impact

Vanity: +100

The Death Table is a limited-time decoration that was released on March 28, 2017, as part of the Secret Agents 2017 Event. Together with Agent Bont they were the seventh and final prize to be won in the event's Act 1.

It returned on January 3, 2018 during The Buck Stops Here 2018 Event. With Agent Bont, they were a possible prize in the Shadow Government Mystery Box.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Agent Bont

  • Be Interrogated by Scorpio - 4h
  • Struggle in a Death Trap - 4h

Hank Scorpio

  • Interrogate Mr. Bont - 4h

Trivia Edit

  • While the prize name only mentions Agent Bont, it's this decoration (that unlocks Agent Bont) the actual prize.
  • Only one can be obtained.
  • It can be placed on grass, pavement, dirt, beach, boardwalk, pier, edge of boardwalk, or edge of pier.

Gallery Edit