Duelling Honchos
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Superheroes Event 2015

Release Date

February 18, 2015

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Duelling Honchos is a limited time premium questline during the Superheroes Event 2015 which started after the completion of Death Mountain. It only starts if the player has purchased Hank Scorpio.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Duelling Honchos Pt. 1 Make Hank Scorpio Discuss the Terms of the Duel
Make Dr. Colossus Discuss the Terms of the Duel
8h Cash100
Hank Scorpio
Duelling Honchos Pt. 2 Make Hank Scorpio Test Flame Thrower
Make Dr. Colossus Activate Colosso-Boots
24h Cash100
Dr. Colossus
Duelling Honchos Pt. 3 Make Hank Scorpio Be a Great Boss
Make Dr. Colossus Crack the Whip
24h Cash100
Dr. Colossus
Duelling Honchos Pt. 4 Make Hank Scorpio Clean Death Mountain
Make Dr. Colossus Clean the Volcano Lair
8h Cash100
Hank Scorpio


Duelling Honchos Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Hank Scorpio Annoyed Icon "I'm tired of you taking swipes at my lair Hector."
Hank Scorpio Icon "Especially from a villain whose Mountain Fortress has screen doors."
Dr. Colossus Annoyed Icon "They regulate airflow. And I don't hear my skull-lined walls complaining!"
Hank Scorpio Icon "Maybe your skulls should come up with your next evil plan for you."
Dr. Colossus Annoyed Icon "That's it! I challenge you to a diabolical duel of destruction!"
Hank Scorpio Icon "That's a lot of "D's," but okay, you're on!"


Character Dialogue
Hank Scorpio Icon "So this is how it'll go..."
Hank Scorpio Icon "Three rounds to prove who's the eviler evil genius."
Hank Scorpio Icon "Whoever loses has to clean the other's lair for a month!"
Hank Scorpio Icon "Total transparency... I haven't knocked down cobwebs in a while."
Hank Scorpio Icon "But we'll need an easy-going judge."
Homer Happy Icon "Did someone say "easy-opening fudge?" "
Hank Scorpio Icon "... Or a dull-minded judge."

Duelling Honchos Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Dr. Colossus Icon "Round One: Whoever has the most villainous device wins!"
Homer Happy Icon "I have a pair of scissors that always pinch my fingers."
Dr. Colossus Icon "The true test will be ignoring Homer."


Character Dialogue
Hank Scorpio Icon "It's obvious who won that round, right Homer?"
Homer Thoughtful Icon "..."
Hank Scorpio Icon "Oh, c'mon! Hector's Colloso Boots couldn't fill my tennis shoes!"
Homer Thoughtful Icon "But they looked cool with his outfit."
Homer Sarcastic Icon "Plus your Flame Thrower was more smoke than flame."
Homer Serious Icon "I'm calling this one a draw."

Duelling Honchos Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Dr. Colossus Icon "A good villain must command respect!"
Dr. Colossus Icon "Whoever gets the best results from his minions wins round two!"
Hank Scorpio Icon "You refer to the backbone of your evil organization as minions? I consider mine equal partners in crime."


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "So how'd your associates make out?"
Hank Scorpio Sad Icon "We didn't finish. They were doing so well I gave them the rest of the afternoon off."
Dr. Colossus Icon "And I might have Death Ray'd one or two too many. We also didn't finish."
Homer Serious Icon "C'mon! Get your black hearts into this! I'm calling another draw."

Duelling Honchos Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Hank Scorpio Icon "So what's the final round, Hector?"
Dr. Colossus Sad Icon "To be honest, there isn't a final round. I thought I'd have won by now."
Homer Icon "Then I'm calling it a draw!"
Hank Scorpio Icon "What does that mean?"
Homer Serious Icon "It means that you're both losers and you both have to pay the forfeit."
Dr. Colossus Icon "You're mopping up Death Mountain, Scorpio!"
Hank Scorpio Icon "Right after you scrunge my Volcano Lair, Hector!"