Duff Stadium
Duff Stadium

Need to Collect / Cost

Snake Currency Icon4250
Donuts90 (after event)

Level unlocked


Characters unlocked



Cash500, XP45

Waiting time

24 hours



Time to build

6 seconds


America's Former Pastime Pt.1


Denying Steroid Use

Duff Stadium is a sporting stadium in Springfield, and home of the Springfield Isotopes. It is available during the Whacking Day 2013 Event, and is won when the player has collected 4250 snakes. It adds a single use 24hr job for Homer and a new 2 hour job for Duffman, who is unlocked upon building the Duff Brewery. It is now available to purchase for 90 donuts after the Whacking Day Event is over.


Duff Stadium is the stadium where the Springfield Isotopes play baseball. Homer held his hunger strikes here when he learned the Isotopes were moving to Albuquerque. The Isotopes were considered a rubbish team until they won the pennant. It can be assumed that Duff Stadium replaced the old Springfield War Memorial Stadium.

Jobs InvolvedEdit


  • Promote Duff at Stadium - 2h


  • Yell at the Umpire - 24h (single use)


  • Homer was once the mascot for The Springfield isotopes, the team that plays at Duff stadium
  • The bottom row of the scoreboard repeats the word inning, instead of the word balls, as it should.


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