Egg Baskets


Gold Easter Box (Both Colors)



Payout Increase


Egg Baskets were limited time decorations released during the Easter 2014 Event. They came in two colors, pink and blue. When the player placed the basket in his or her own town, that would allow other players to drop off eggs in the basket.

Easter baskets were obtained through buying them, or by zapping bunnies. Once you place an Easter basket, a neighbor can place 100 eggs of one color (blue or pink) into that basket, and receive 50 eggs of the other color in exchange. A maximum of 400 eggs can be placed in a basket for exchange, and once that happens, the basket disappears and the owner of the basket will received the 400 eggs placed in the basket. Once the basket was emptied it disappeared. When the event ended on May 13, 2014, all baskets were deleted.

Unlocking DialogueEdit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Huh? Where did this basket come from?"
Professor Frink Icon "An incredibly stupid question I will be delighted to answer! That is the bleeding edge of modern egg exchange technology."
Homer Icon "So... a basket that holds eggs? Ooh, what an incredible time we live in!
Professor Frink Icon "It's for holding, processing, tabulating and more!"
"Just put out a basket and any visitor can input eggs of the matching color. When the basket is full, you can collect its contents."
"For each donation, your friends get a return of eggs of another color!"
"The trade is not equal, however."
"As the saying goes, you can't make an egg exchange without getting a little bit ripped off. Or words to that effect. Glayvin."


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