Exotic Petting Zoo
Exotic Petting Zoo 03 Snow Menu


Winter 2015 Event

How to Unlock

Once In Royal Quimby's City

Level Required



Mistletoe Currency Icon32 (during Act 2 after completed)
Cash150, XP13 (after Act 2)

Collection Time

8 hours (once fully upgraded)


10 x 10


The Animal Within


Dressing up Animals for a Lame Show

Conform-O-Meter Impact

Vanity: +50

The Exotic Petting Zoo was a limited time building released on December 19, 2015, as part of the Winter 2015 Event's Act 2. During the event, several upgrades could be applied to it, by sending specific characters from a selected group of the Character Groups to perform tasks there. Completing each stage rewarded Mistletoe in addition to the Mistletoe reward for completing the associated quest. This was the first upgrading decoration of the Event's Act 2.

Upgrades Edit

Level Image Tasks to Upgrade Time Reward
Exotic Petting Zoo 01 Snow Menu
Build the Exotic Petting Zoo
Make Willie Shovel Dung
Mistletoe Currency Icon675
Exotic Petting Zoo 02 Snow Menu
Make Seniors Get Distracted by Animals (x4)
Make Youngsters Chase Weird Animals (x4)
Make Dimwits Look up the Word "Exotic" (x4)
Mistletoe Currency Icon1010
Exotic Petting Zoo 03 Snow Menu
Make Moe Paint up Pandas to Look Like Koalas
Make Brainiacs Dress Up Lizards (x8)
Make Entrepreneurs Invest in Animal Costumes (x4)
Mistletoe Currency Icon1515

* Only a few Characters from the Character Groups can performed the tasks.

Trivia Edit

  • There are three premium expansions for the Petting Zoo; Land Octopus Pen, Pig of Paradise Pen and Wooly Mammoth Pen. They can only be unlocked once the zoo is built and can only be purchased once.
  • The Exotic Petting Zoo is the only one of the four vandalized buildings during the Oh Come, All Ye Vengeful quests where the building is modified beyond standard vandalism, where the sign is changed to "Mr. Stinky Moe's Exotic Farting Zoo".
    • "Mr. Stinky" being a reference to Bart Sells His Soul (where the Uncle Moe's sign comes from, as well) where a kid doodled Moe having stink lines.
  • Once the final stage has been built, the earlier stages are available as façades.
  • Each animal has a animation when a character performs a task at the zoo. However, since the end of the event there are no longer any character tasks associated with the Exotic Petting Zoo.

Gallery Edit

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