Eye Spy, You Spy
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Secret Agents 2017 Event

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Release Date

March 28, 2017

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The Man Who Knew Too Little

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The Worn Identity (Act 2)

Eye Spy, You Spy was the second main questline for the Secret Agents 2017 Event.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Eye Spy, You Spy Pt. 1 Make Homer Bug Houses 4h Cheap Intel Icon100
Eye Spy, You Spy Pt. 2 Make Homer Signup for Springface
Make Bart Hack Homer's Springface
Cheap Intel Icon100
Eye Spy, You Spy Pt. 3 Make Homer Spam Fishing Emails 4h Cheap Intel Icon100
Eye Spy, You Spy Pt. 4 Make Homer Shop for a New Identity 4h Cheap Intel Icon500

Dialogue Edit

Eye Spy, You Spy Pt. 1 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Hank Scorpio Pleased Icon NOW we're spying! Just remember the Six Sigma three C's: Collect, Consume, and Control.
Homer Happy Icon That's my goal for every meal.
Hank Scorpio Icon Just look what Oogle pulled off: they turned harmless driving directions into global surveillance.
Homer Sad Icon And made me fall for a sexy computer voice that I can never have for my own.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Hank Scorpio Pleased Icon Strong work, Homer. Where did you train to become such an expert in spying?
Homer Proud Icon Years of practicing on Flanders. My motto: A bug in every Bible and a camera in every Christ on the cross.

Eye Spy, You Spy Pt. 2 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Rollingeyes Icon You guys are going about this all wrong. Everyone already willingly shares their most intimate details on Springface. Get with the times, man!
Grampa Serious Icon I'm still partial to keistering microfilm. Nothin' beats the feelin' of knowing you got secrets in your bum.
Hank Scorpio Icon Ignore the old man, but the boy is onto something. Social media is the modern spycraft and knowledge is more powerful than any gun...
Hank Scorpio Icon ...except for ACTUAL guns, naturally.
Homer Icon Let's get creeping! I can't wait to pretend I still care about jerks I haven't seen since high school.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Marge Angry Icon Homer! Why did you change your relationship status to "It's complicated"?!
Homer Confused Icon I don't remember doing that. Maybe it was at the same time that I changed my name to "Anita Mann".
Bart Laughing Icon *chuckles*

Eye Spy, You Spy Pt. 3 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Hank Scorpio Icon Data is everywhere and it's ripe for the picking. The trick is in getting some, without people realizing they're giving it away.
Moe Icon Like prom night.
Hank Scorpio Icon We've got banner ads, malware, pop-ups, drop-downs, and freemium mobile games – all that's left is to spam people with phishing emails.
Homer Fishinghat Icon Aye-aye, Captain! I'm onboard hook, line, and sinker.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Guilty Icon Soooo... I think my email got hacked.
Hank Scorpio Annoyed Icon You made your password "password" didn't you?
Homer Skeptical Icon I'm not an idiot. I made it “Homer Simpson's password”. Much harder.

Eye Spy, You Spy Pt. 4 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Hank Scorpio Annoyed Icon What were you thinking, using your personal email instead of the encrypted one I gave you?
Homer Icon It was convenient – I've had ChunkyLover53 since college. It speaks more about me than me.
Hank Scorpio Icon Well, now your identity has been stolen!
Homer Happy Icon Can we go identity shopping? Can we?! Can we?! Ooo, I can be Hank Scorpio!
Hank Scorpio Annoyed Icon ...
With hidden enemies around every corner, don't miss your chance to access the Mystery Drop Box for a variety of great items!
— System Message.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Hank Scorpio Icon What happened to finding a new identity?
Homer Icon I got mine back, once the guy realized it wasn't worth stealing.
Homer Sarcastic Icon AND he improved my credit score. Now I can go out and ruin it again!
The story will continue in Act 2. Keep scanning for agents and collecting intel to get more prizes!
— System Message.