Federal Agent Icon During the Christmas 2014 Event a new feature was added to visiting Friends' towns known as Federal Agents. The Federal Agents were called by Homer to get rid of the "illegal" Elves that have come to Springfield.

There were THREE rules to using the Feds during the event:

1) The Federal Agents weren't unlocked until the player completed Jingle Bell Wreck Pt. 9. When unlocked, a new "Fed Icon" appeared in the top right hand corner of the screen when visiting friends' towns.

2) The Feds counted towards the three (friend) actions per town. Up to three Federal Agents could be "called" by the player within 24 hours to a friends' town. A Federal Agent could not be sent if they had already completed their friend actions 

3) There was a limit of 20 Feds per town.

When friends tapped on the Federal Agents left in their towns, they got the normal cash and experience that comes from Friend Actions, plus a bonus present.

Pixie PlightEdit

Quest Requirements Time Triggered By
Pixie Plight Send Federal Agents to Other Springfiels (x3) -- Auto


Pixie PlightEdit

Character Dialogue
Federal Agent Icon "Mr. Claus, we understand you're employing illegal elviens."
Santa Icon "Goodness, no, I only hire residents of Springfield."
Federal Agent Icon "What is that green thing moving under the belled cap?"
Santa Icon "It's my cat."
Happy Little Elf Bismuth Icon "Meow."
Federal Agent Icon "I buy that. So any idea where we might find these elves?"
Santa Icon "I heard they love to hide in other Springfields."
Federal agents are investigating illegal elven immigration.
— In-Game Message

Use the Fed button to call a Fed in your friend's town!
— In-Game Message

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