Felons were limited time NPCs the player could release into their town once every 8 hours upon completion of Burns State Prison during the Superheroes 2015 Event. Up to six felons could be simultaneously in a town

Defeating FelonsEdit

Felons had to be defeated by one of the following persons:

In order to kill a Felon, he had to be defeated three times.


Fighting Felons rewarded the player with event currencies. The payout for the job depended on how many lives the Felon had left.

Lives Left Reward
3 Carbonrod or Pie Bomb or Freeze Ray 25
2 Carbonrod or Pie Bomb or Freeze Ray 75
1 Carbonrod or Pie Bomb or Freeze Ray 150
Handcuffs 1 (upon completing The Collector Pt. 3)


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