Felon Groups are a team of 3 felons introduced in the Superheroes 2016 Event. They are composed by three random felons of the groups: Brains Felons, Muscle Felons, Tech Felons. The player needs to defeat them in order to get prize track currencies to unlock the personal prizes, and Finite Stones to upgrade their heroes.

There are 3 different groups, each has attacking advantages against one other group.

Group Icon Fighters Name Double damage against
Brains Type Icon
STEM-antha Unlock STEM-antha Tech Type Icon
Doctor Doc M.D PhD Doctor Doc M.D PhD
Muscle Type Icon
Testost-Irene Unlock Testost-Irene Brains Type Icon
Gluteus Unlock Gluteus
Tech Type Icon
Meg Ahertz Unlock Meg Ahertz Muscle Type Icon
Tungsten Dude Unlock Tungsten Dude

Trivia Edit

  • Some names of the felons are puns or corruptions of words and names to do with individual felons
    • Meg Ahertz is similar to "Megahertz"
    • STEM-antha is similar to "Samantha" and the acronym "STEM" (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
    • Testost-Irene is similar to "Testosterone"

Gallery Edit

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