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GOO Goo (or Ghostly Organofluid Outflow) was the limited time currency available during the Treehouse of Horror XXIV Event. It was accumulated in order to win unique prizes. It was also accumulated in the Community prizes, where all players of The Simpsons: Tapped Out had their GOO counted together. When the Community GOO balance was high enough, unique prizes were won. The highest prize was King Homer's Skyscraper, which required 30 billion GOO. Any user could have contributed, whether logged in or playing anonymously.

Obtaining GOOEdit

GOO was acquired in a number of ways. It was collected not only in your Springfield, but in your neighbor's as well in the following ways:

  1. Tapping ghosts and characters possessed by ghosts (1 GOO each, and a 1/1000 chance to receive 1 Donut).
  2. Sending certain characters on jobs which collect GOO for income. Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa, Martin, Milhouse, Nelson and Mr. Burns had repeatable GOO tasks. 12 hour tasks gave 5 GOO each and 16 hour tasks gave 8 GOO each. Apu, Ned, and Frink had GOO jobs once the quest was completed; The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 9.
  3. Visit a neighbor and you can tap 5 ghosts in their Springfield (1 GOO per ghost).
  4. Visit a neighbor and you can haunt 3 buildings (after you have completed The Ghost In The Machine - part 3 - starting when Ned says, "Homer, I hate to be a specter hector, but your ghosts are all over the Flanders homestead.") You will receive at least 2 GOO per building haunted. There is a one in a thousand chance of receiving 1 free Donut when you haunt.
  5. Tap on your haunted buildings in your town (you will receive at least 2 Goo per haunted building).
  6. Killing gremlins in your Springfield (2 GOO per Gremlin).
  7. Completing tasks within the Treehouse of Horror XXIV quest-chain. (25 GOO)
  8. Income from gremlins that you have released in your friend's towns.

Residents with Limited-Time GOO JobsEdit

Resident Duration Description Reward Type
Homer 12h Deal with Ghosts Goo 5, XP 100
Homer 12h Be Possessed By Maude Goo 5, XP 100 Single Use
Homer 12h Get Possessed by Bont and Live Another Day Goo 5, XP 100 Single Use
Marge 12h Tidy up Ghosts Goo 5, XP 100
Marge the Witch 16h Trick or Treat Goo 8, XP 125
Mr. Burns 12h Eliminate Ghosts Goo 5, XP 100
Lisa 16h Trick or Treat (as a Witch) Goo 8, XP 125
Bart 16h Trick or Treat (as Frankenstein's Monster) Goo 8, XP 125
Milhouse 16h Trick or Treat (as a Spaceman) Goo 8, XP 125
Martin 16h Trick or Treat (as Calliope the Muse) Goo 8, XP 125
Nelson 16h Trick or Treat (as a Hobo) Goo 8, XP 125
Maude 8h Get Revenge on Homer Goo 3, XP 70
Maude 24h Haunt Springfield Goo 10, XP 150
Maude 12h Possess Homer Goo 5, XP 100 Single Use
Ned 12h Spend time with Possessed Homer Goo 5, XP 100 Single Use
Ned 24h Sprinkle Ghosts with Holy Water Goo 10, XP 150
Apu 24h Reincarnate Ghosts Goo 10, XP 150
Prof. Frink 24h Have an Epistomological Argument with Ghosts Goo 15, XP 225

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