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Destination Springfield 2017 Event

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The Mysterious Globe Pt. 2

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The Globe is a limited-time decoration that was available during Act 1 of the Destination Springfield 2017 Event. It is unlocked once all the Act 1 Lost Luggage Mystery Box prizes have been collected and completed Day 8 Norbert's Adventure Tasks.

Globe Facts Edit

When tapped, the Globe spins and shows one of the following facts:

  • Argentina: Argentina is named after silver (argentine in Latin) after Silver Mountains Legend.
  • Australia: The Simpsons' visit to Australia in "Bart vs. Australia" marked their first international outing!
  • Brazil: Brazil is the most successful country at soccer, having won five World Cups. Homer referees in Brazil in "You Don't Have To Live Like A Referee".
  • Canada: Canada has hosted the Winter Olympics Games twice. The Simpsons competed in the 2010 Games in "Boy Meets Curl".
  • China: The Great Wall of China is a series of branching walls totalling over 13000 miles long. The mortar which blinds the stones is made from rice!
  • Cuba: Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and is the only one appear in the show, in "The Trouble with Trillions".
  • Czech Republic: The Czech Republic used to be the Kingdom of Bohemia, and is now the world's largest consumer of Beer!
  • Denmark: Denmark has the oldest flag in the world, having adopted the Dannebrog in 1219
  • Egypt: Egypt's pyramids date back almost 5000 years ago to the Old Kingdom.
  • England: England's Capital, London, is the most visited city in the world. The Simpsons first visited together in "The Regina Monologues".
  • Finland: Finland was the home of the first internet browser, Erwise.
  • France: France is the most visited country in the world, and is where The Simpsons move to in "Bart-Mangled Banner" to escape America!
  • Germany: Germany is home to the world's first savings bank.
  • Greece: Greece's inventions include democracy, maps, the water mill and geometry!
  • India: The Simpson's visited the world's largest democracy, India, in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore".
  • Italy: Italy really is the origin of the pizza, the first documented use of the term being in 997, nearly 800 years ago before the USA was founded!
  • Japan: Japan boasts the oldest royal family in the world dating back 660 B.C. Emperor Akihito appeared in "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" when the Simpsons visited Japan.
  • Macedonia: Macedonia was home of Alexander the Great, the most successful general in the history whose empire was one of the largest in the ancient world.
  • Mali: Mali was home to the world's richest person in history, Mensa Musa. He had a net worth of around four-hundred billion, more than twice the fortune of Henry Ford!
  • Mongolia: Mongolia was home to Genghis Khan's Golden Horde. The Mongol Empire formed the largest contiguous empire in history!
  • Netherlands: Netherlands is home to the International Crimes Court in The Hague. Krusty was tried here in "Elementary School Music"
  • Norway: Norway is the most peaceful country in the world. Why not go skiing there? They invented it!
  • Peru: Peru is home to Machu Picchu, an Incan settlement high in the mountains. The Simpsons visited in "Lost Verizon".
  • Portugal: Portugal's royal court has moved to Brazil for over 10 years.

Trivia Edit

  • Only one can be obtained.
  • It can be placed on grass, pavement, dirt, beach, boardwalk, pier, edge of boardwalk, or edge of pier.

Gallery Edit