Hellfish Bonanza
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Includes Hellfish Abe, Burns, Monument and Treasure Chest!

Content Update

Rommelwood Academy 2017 Event

Level required




The Hellfish Bonanza is a limited-time premium consumable that was released on March 21, 2017, as a Gil deal during the Rommelwood Academy 2017 Event. Once purchased, the outfits Hellfish Abe and Hellfish Burns are immediately unlocked, and the decorations Hellfish Monument and Hellfish Treasure Chest are placed on the player's inventory.

Promo intro Dialogue Edit

Character Dialogue
Herman Icon Someone broke into my shop and stole a bunch of WWII memorabilia.
Grampa Serious Icon That's why you should've hired WWII vets to guard your store.
Herman Angry Icon I did hire you!
Grampa Icon Your first mistake.
Hellfish Promo Indicator

Gil Deal Dialogue Edit

Character Dialogue
Gil Selling Icon Ol' Gil's back in town and he's got a real deal for you: a veritable bonanza of WWII treasures – don't ask from where. I'll take check, cash, or a warm meal.
Gil Sad Icon Okay, ANY meal.

Offer Declined Edit

Character Dialogue
Gil Sad Icon I guess I'll have to go sign up for war instead of just profiting from it.

Offer Accepted Edit

Character Dialogue
Gil Happy Icon Thanks, soldier! Remember, you can't spell war profiteering without profit. Or war.

Gallery Edit