Do you want to help form this wiki? Go ahead! We need all the help we can get. Try to complete articles we have rather than creating new articles without content. If you can't fill in the specs, leave it blank and let an administrator or someone else help you finish it. Please try not to create too many articles at once when there are existing articles that are a higher priority. The following guide at the bottom of this page should help you when creating articles in terms of what we need and how it should look like. Remember that for translated pages write the English name/language as the page title. Please note that the table will be updated often.

Not good at editing?

Don't feel like editing? Maybe you aren't a good writer, or maybe you can't work out how to use the edit function. Don't worry, you can still help out! The wiki is also in need of various images for galleries. We'll be needing screenshots of events, façades, costumes, and visual jobs (meaning you can visually see the character performing the job), which will each belong on their respective pages. We'll also be needing screenshots of premium buildings and character icons for page infoboxes, since the average Joe isn't lucky enough to spend his money on donuts. If you've got a premium character or building, send us a screenshot of them, and we'll edit it to fit format. Make sure that, if it's a building, that nothing is obstructing it, and that the building is a big as you can possibly make it without cutting it off the screen.

Pages we need Priority Complete/Good pages of this type (Use them as templates!) Which ones need work on right now?
Character pages High Homer Simpson, Gil Gunderson, Dr. Nick, Lisa Simpson Plow King, Juggler, Fiddler, Yupprechaun
Building pages High Simpson House, Kwik-E-MartChannel 6, Wiggum House, Volcano Lair Springfield Wax Museum, House of Evil
Decoration pages Low Debris, Mount Carlmore, Springfield Sign Lemonade Stand, Mysterious Artifact, Carved Ice Sculpture, Stop Sign, Leprechaun Statue
Task/Quest pages Med Bad Cops, The Krusty-est Place On Earth, Running with the Bullies
Other Languages Med Christmas 2013 Event/Deutsch, Treehouse of Horror XXIV Event/Deutsch Any Event Pages
User Interface pages Low Origin, The Store Task Book
Other pages Low Conform-O-Meter Land Expansion, Electronic Arts