Hibbert's Got Shed
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May 22, 2014

Hibbert's Got Shed is a series of quests featuring Chester Dupree.


Quest Requirements Triggered By Time
Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 1 Make Chester Borrow Money from Dr. Hibbert Dr. Hibbert 60m
Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 2 Make Chester Throw an Entitled Tizzy Chester 4h
Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 3 Make Chester Apologize to Dr. Hibbert Dr. Hibbert 6h
Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 4 Place the Bloodmobile
Make Chester Open the Bloodmobile for Business
Make Springfielders Donate Blood (x10)
Dr. Hibbert 8h
Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 5 Make Homer Donate Blood
Make Dr. Hibbert Run the Bloodmobile
Make Chester Avoid Responsibility
Dr. Hibbert 8h
Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 6

Reach Level 41 and Build the Vulgari Jewelry Store.
Make the Hibberts Dine at El ChemistriMake Chester Throw a Rager
Make Springfielders Attend the Rager (x10)

Chester 4h
Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 7 Make Chester Negotiate an Advance Dr. Hibbert 2h
Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 8 Make Chester Prepare for a Job Interview Chester 24h
Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 9 Make Chester Work on Dr. Hibbert's Shed
Make Dr. Hibbert Drink 20-Year-Old Single Malt Whiskey
Chester 8h



Hibbert Ain't Got Shed (Prologue) Edit

Character Dialogue
Dr. Hibbert Icon "I'm tired of seeing all this garbage in my examination room."
Homer Icon "I have ears, Doc! And they're full of fire ants, which is why I'm here!"
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Sorry Homer. I wasn't referring to you. I just need to find some storage for all this clutter."
Homer Icon "I know - you could build a shed! Build a shed will be a watershed moment in your life. But build a land shed, not a water shed."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Funny you mention it, I did have shed once. Or the start of once anyway."
Homer Icon "You did? Where is it? Will you let me borrow it? Come on, stop hogging it for yourself!"
Dr. Hibbert Icon "I'm sorry to say it never got finished, Homer."
Homer Icon "You're shedding me."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "My useless brother-in-law started working on it and then ran off with the money. And the shed. I never should have put wheels on that shed."
In Game Message A reference to a NEVER BEFORE SEEN character AND an unfinished shed?! Quick, go look in the build menu!
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Did anyone else get a cold chill down their spine? A-heh-heh-heh."

Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Bold move to show your face again after running off with my money, Chester."
Chester Dupree Icon "Sorry Doc, but you know how it is. I owed people money."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Yes, I know exactly how it is... because you owe ME money."
Chester Dupree Icon "Don't worry, I'll pay you back. I know this guy who's a real sucker."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Oh yeah, who's that?"

Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Dr. Hibbert Icon "I'm not going to loan you money just so you can pay me back the last money I loaned you."
Chester Dupree Icon "If it's any consolation, I wasn't actually going to pay you back."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Is that what they taught you in prep school?"
Chester Dupree Icon "No, they taught us to trust fund management and housekeeper Spanish."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "In case you haven't noticed, the last three of my dialogue icons were "Annoyed".
"I didn't even know I had an annoyed icon until you showed up!"
Chester Dupree Icon "That's great! So about that loan..."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "No!!!" *chuckles* "NO!!!!!"

Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Dr. Hibbert Icon "That was quite the tantrum. A couple more seconds and I'd have to put you under sedation."
Chester Dupree Icon "Damn, missed out again. I'm almost as unlucky as the lady in the wheelchair I flipped."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "What the hell is the matter with you, boy?"
Chester Dupree Icon "Well, for one I'm having trouble sleeping. I think it might be your couch. You should consider upgrading."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "I think you might have a cause of what we doctors call allfluena."
Chester Dupree Icon "How come I get the couch anyway when you get a bed? I'm the guest!"
Dr. Hibbert Icon "You're about not to be!"

Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Dr. Hibbert Icon "I've had enough idle pestering Chester. If you want money, you're going to have to earn it."
"You can be responsible for opening the blood collection clinic today."
Chester Dupree Icon "But I'm afraid of blood."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "I thought the only bodily fluid that scared you was sweat."
"Fortunately, the patient's heart will do all of the work."
"All you have to do is make sure the patient doesn't die and give them a cookie."
Chester Dupree Icon "Got it. For very patient I keep alive, I get a cookie!"

Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 5Edit


Character Dialogue
Dr. Hibbert Icon "So you didn't sell the Bloodmobile for parts? I'm impressed, Chester."
Chester Dupree Icon "Please, I'm not a monster! Also I couldn't find a fence."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Why don't you hand over the keys and go pick up some more gauze?"
Chester Dupree Icon "Sure, I just need some cash."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Hmm, that's Catch 22. If I leave you here, you might endanger a patient, but if I give you cash I might never see you again."
Chester Dupree Icon "Personally, I wouldn't trust me with a patient. Or with cash. Or with any sort of moral conundrum."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Enough with the yapping! I demand my cookie and and juice in exchange for a pint of blood!"


Character Dialogue
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Where is Chester with that gauze? I'm almost out of coffee filters and tube socks."
Chester Dupree Icon "Who needs to walk, when you can roll?"
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Chester, get out of that wheelchair!"
Chester Dupree Icon "Hey! I bought this with my own money... that you gave me to buy gauze."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "I'll put you in a wheelchair permanently!"

Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 6Edit


Character Dialogue
Dr. Hibbert Icon "If there's one thing I know about it's relaxing. And you lady needs to relax."
Chester Dupree Icon "You should take Bernice out for the evening."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "And leave you alone? I think not!"
Bernice Hibbert Icon "You know, Julius, a relaxing evening would be nice."
"It might open me up to new things... the types of things you're always asking if I'll do on your birthday."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Here are the keys, Chester! We'll see you in the morning... the LATE morning."
Chester Dupree Icon "Now that the cat's away, the much cooler cat will play."


Character Dialogue
Dr. Hibbert Icon "What are all these people doing in my place... besides not using coasters?"
Chester Dupree Icon "We're just throwing a little party in honor of the shed."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "The shed's finished?"
Chester Dupree Icon "No, no no. We're celebrating the beginning of the planning stages of the pre-shed proposal. We're ahead of schedule!"
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Ahead of schedule? You started that shed eight years ago today!"
Chester Dupree Icon "It's an anniversary? Time for another party!"
Quimby Icon "Did someone say er-uh-party?"
Chester Dupree Icon "No, I just said party."

Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 7Edit

Character Dialogue
Quimby Icon "I could use a young man with your loose moral code around the mayor's office. Why don't you come down for an interview?"
Dr. Hibbert Icon "I suppose a career in politics would make great use of your many... how to put this delicately... terrible flaws."
Chester Dupree Icon "But I'd need a suit, and a haircut, and probably a massage..."
Dr. Hibbert Icon "*sigh* "I'll spot you a few dollars. But that suit better be from a warehouse and that massage from an airport."

Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 8Edit

Character Dialogue
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Good luck on your interview, Chester."
Chester Dupree Icon "People like me don't need luck -- just money, family connections, and a prep school education."

Hibbert's Got Shed Pt. 9Edit

Character Dialogue
Chester Dupree Icon "I'm sorry Doc. I messed up again. Apparently working for the Mayor isn't all parties and women."
"It's 98% parties and women and I simply can't commit to working 2% of the time."
"But I know how to make it up to you!"
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Go away again and never come back?"
Chester Dupree Icon "Nope. Finish the shed!"
Dr. Hibbert Icon "Really, Chester? After years wearing down my expectations, you're finally stepping up. Nothing could make this moment better!"
"Actually, I take that back. There is one thing..."

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