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Homer Buddha was a premium version of the Mystery Box. It had been available since the game's initial launch, but got replaced by the Revised Mystery Box on April 1, 2015. The player could have won up to 200 donuts if they already had the Volcano Lair, which was the highest prize available. A list of all winnable items can be found below.

A Homer Buddha could have been acquired in many different ways, as listed below.


Item Chance of Winning Item's Actual Price Profit/Loss
Mystery Box 9.98% Donuts6 Loss
Bench 10% Donuts6 Loss
Planter 10% Donuts10 Loss
Dumpster 10% Donuts10 Loss
Picket Fence (x10) 10% Donuts10 Loss
Orange Tree 10% Donuts15 Equal Price
Apple Tree 10% Donuts15 Equal Price
Burning Bush 10% Donuts20 Profit
Tree Swing 10% Donuts20 Profit
Squeaky Voice Teen (or 30 donuts if you already have him) 4% Donuts30 Profit
Hans Moleman (or 60 donuts if you already have him) 4% Donuts60 Profit
Frink's Lab (or 150 donuts if you already have it) 1% Donuts150 Profit
30 Donuts 1% Donuts30 Profit
Tire Fire (or 40 donuts if you already have it) 0.01% Donuts40 Profit
Springfield Sign (or 170 donuts if you already have it) 0.004% Donuts170 Profit
Duff Brewery (or 190 donuts if you already have it) 0.002% Donuts190 Profit
Volcano Lair (or 200 donuts if you already have it) 0.001% Donuts200 Profit


  • Note that with the exception of Frink's Lab, in general the higher the price, the slimmer the chances were of winning it through the Homer Buddha.
  • Its equivalent was the Laffy Meal in Krustyland.
  • No limited time items were winnable in a Homer Buddha.

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