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The Homerlayas is a decoration released with the Level 60 update on May 18, 2016. It has upgrades that can be applied to it by reaching certain game levels.

About Edit

Upgrades Edit

Game Level Upgrade
60 Homerlayas Menu Homer
138 Homerlayas Lisa Menu Lisa
223 Homerlayas Bart Menu Bart
419 Homerlayas Marge Menu Marge
742 Homerlayas Maggie Menu Maggie

Trivia Edit

  • It can only be moved in the mountains between Springfield and Springfield Heights, but does not require the land to be unlocked on both sides.
  • It cannot be stored.
  • The order in which the pictures are unlocked is the same one in which the characters have been made available in the game: Homer, then Lisa, then Bart, then Marge, and finally, Maggie.
  • The façades can be switched.

Gallery Edit

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