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Human Statue
Human Statue


Human Statue

Level required




Unlocked at

Level 15, Squidport Pt.5

Number of Jobs


Premium character?


Character collection

Street Performers

Yes, you can get paid to do nothing.
— Human Statue's unlock message

The Human Statue is a character available in the Squidport update. He is part of the Street Performers collection and is available for purchase once the user has reached Level 15 and has completed the "Squidport Pt. 5". He walks aimlessly around your boardwalk and performs his act. He can only walk on Boardwalk Sections. currently there is a bug where he is not in the shop but it will be fixed soon (hopefully)


  • He is the first non-premium, non-limited time and non-controllable character to come without a building
  • He is the only non-premium character in the Street Performers collection.
Greenpeace glitch

The Human Statue can be seen in the background.

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