I Think I'm Turning Japanese (Because I Am Japanese)

Release Date

September 5, 2014

Number of Quests


Preceded By

Sensei You, Sensei Me

I Think I'm Turning Japanese (Because I Am Japanese) is a premium quest that is part of the Akira premium quest chain. It was released on September 5, 2014.


Quest Requirements Triggered By Time
I Think I'm Turning Japanese (Because I Am Japanese) Make Akira Speak Japanese with Kumiko Kumiko 6h


I Think I'm Turning Japanese (Because I Am Japanese)Edit


Character Dialogue
Kumiko Icon "Akira-san, I heard of your efforts to diversify Springfield. I wanted to applaud you on your efforts, as valiant as ineffective."
Akira Icon "Ah, Kumiko-chan, it is nice to meet you. Lisa was right. You are easy to talk to, and rarely get jokes to say."
Kumiko Icon "Actually, I am quite funny. But only in Japanese, the best language for all comedy."
Akira Icon "I could use a laugh. Let us converse in the tongue of our ancestors, and practice speaking behind everyone else's back without them knowing."


Character Dialogue
Akira Icon "Ha ha! That is hilarious, Kumiko."

"What makes it even funnier is how it's impossible to translate into English."

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