Once It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity Pt. 6 is completed, the minigame is permanently unlocked. The player will be then prompted to play the minigame for the first time. It has a cooldown time of 8 hours and Homer needs to be free to play it, similarly as it occurs with Maggie and the Where's Maggie? minigame.

The objective of the minigame is to tap as many tortoises as possible in the lapse of 30 seconds. Rewards will be then given to the player depending on the amount of tortoises tapped. The standard rewards are both Cash and XP. For a limited time since its release and until June 22, 2016, the minigame gave Pharmaceuticals as a limited-time reward instead of Cash for those players that completed Springfield Heights Pt. 8. Additionally on each play, there is a chance to obtain a surprise bonus reward, which consists of one unit of a selected group of decorations, such as, Hieroglyph Wall, Pumpkin Patch, Cane Field, and Light-up Elder God.

Pharmaceutical rewards table Edit

Tortoises tapped Pharmaceutical reward XP reward
0 1 100
5 2 110
10 3 120
15 4 130
45* 10 190
150** 10 400
 n  min((1+floor(n/5)), 10)  min((100+2 \times n), 400)

* tapping a higher amount won't increase the Pharmaceuticals reward any further.
** tapping a higher amount won't increase the Experience reward any further.

Rewards table Edit

Tortoises tapped Cash reward XP reward
0 500 100
5 550 110
10 600 120
15 650 130
150* 2000 400
 n  min((500+10 \times n), 2000)  min((100+2 \times n), 400)

* tapping a higher amount won't increase the rewards for Cash and Experience any further.

Surprise bonus rewards Edit

On every play a random number between 0 and 100 is generated, on that number depends the reward the player can obtain.

Number(s) Reward
0 Light-up Elder God
1 - 4 Cane Field
5 - 11 Pumpkin Patch
12 - 21 Hieroglyph Wall
22 and above N/A

Gallery Edit