It Ain't Easy Being Tie-Dyed
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Monorail 2015 Event

Level Required


Release Date

August 23, 2015

Number of Quests


It Ain't Easy Being Tie-Dyed is a limited time side questline involving the character Hippie. It was released on August 23, 2015, during the Monorail 2015 Event's Act 2.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
It Ain't Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 1 Make the Hippie Start a Recycling Corporation 5m Cash100
It Ain't Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 2 Make the Hippie Pour [sic] Over Projections 5m Cash100
It Ain't Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 3 Make the Hippie Get Back to His Roots 5m Cash100
It Ain't Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 4 Make the Hippie Hang Out with Other Corporate Hippies 4h Cash100


It Ain't Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 1 Edit

Character Dialogue
Hippie Annoyed Icon "All this recycling going on, yet the profits are still going right into the "man's" pockets!"
Lisa Icon "What do you mean? We're recycling. There are no profits, and certainly no "man" that I know of."
Hippie Annoyed Icon "Yeah, right. Whenever goods trade hands, there's a corporation involved that's making money."
Lisa Icon "Nope, no corporations involved. It's just people like you and me trying to make a difference."
Hippie Icon "Really?"

It Ain't Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 2 Edit

Character Dialogue
Blue-Haired Lawyer Icon "Sir, we've drawn up your articles of incorporation, in the state of Delaware of course."
Hippie Icon "I've never been there, but of course. What are our earnings looking like?"
Blue-Haired Lawyer Icon "Well, we've had to take on some debt with start up costs. But I project by year's end we can---"
Hippie Annoyed Icon "I don't want to know about year's end. Tell me about Q3!"

It Ain't Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 3 Edit

Character Dialogue
Blue-Haired Lawyer Icon "Congratulations sir, but with your business acumen, you've joined the three comma club."
Hippie Surprised Icon "You mean I made a billion dollars?"
Blue-Haired Lawyer Icon "No, but you've joined the group of elite who talk so stiltingly, that every sentence has, at the least, three commas in it."
Hippie Sad Icon "Ohh, what's happened to me?! I went from being a young Steve Jobs to an old Steve Jobs!"
Blue-Haired Lawyer Icon "Yes, you have, congratulations... uh, yes."
Hippie Icon "I need to get back to my roots! And the other parts of my plants... you know, leaves and buds and such."

It Ain't Easy Being Tie-Dyed Pt. 4 Edit

Character Dialogue
Hippie Happy Icon "I've managed to regain my balance, and learn a lot, thanks to my medicine."
Lisa Icon "Are you referring to medicinal marijuana?"
Hippie Icon "What? No, that stuff isn't really medicine. It's just a fun way to relax, and it makes crappy music tolerable."
Hippie Icon "I was referring to antidepressants, anxiety pills and ADD meds. I didn't even know I had all those things, but apparently we all do."
Lisa Icon "So what did you learn?"
Hippie Icon "That it's okay for a hippie to make money, as long as he's doing something that makes the world a better place."
Lisa Icon "Like recycling?"
Hippie Icon "Yeah, or making phones that are really supercomputers..."
Hippie Icon "-or even to make countercultural cartoons that turn into mainstream media."
Hippie Icon "The important thing is I'm not alone."

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