John's Pharmaceuticals
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Springfield Heights Expansion



Conformity Increase

Consumerism: +10

The John's Pharmaceuticals is a building released on July 22, 2015, during the Springfield Heights Expansion. It's a Crafting Station where the Player, spending some currencies previously rewarded, will collect Pharmaceuticals to continue his progression into the game. It's unlocked for free with the player exploring and buying new lands to discover the John's Pharmaceuticals.

Capacity of StorageEdit

1 2 3 4 5
Storage N/A +10 +30 +50 +100
Total 10 20 50 100 200

Additionally, a specific premium character can also work at the station, however, the storage capacity is not affected by this.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

* Each task length is 12 minutes and cost Coffee Indicator2 and Yoga Mat Indicator1.

Character Task Requires Cost Rewards
Jasper Sidebar Test Trial Medication Community Center N/A Pharmaceutical Indicator2 + XP7
Wiggum Sidebar Test New Sleep Aid N/A N/A Pharmaceutical Indicator1 + XP5
Cletus Sidebar 'Acquire' Amphetamines Real Estate Indicator28.2M Coffee Indicator20 + Yoga Mat Indicator20 Pharmaceutical Indicator1 + XP5
Smithers Sidebar Pickup Burns' Pill Cocktail Real Estate Indicator36M Coffee Indicator30 + Yoga Mat Indicator30 Pharmaceutical Indicator1 + XP5
Marge Sidebar Inquire About Pill Costs Real Estate Indicator41M Coffee Indicator40 + Yoga Mat Indicator40 Pharmaceutical Indicator1 + XP5
Dr. Hibbert Sidebar Film Endorsement Commercials Real Estate Indicator49M Coffee Indicator50 + Yoga Mat Indicator50 Pharmaceutical Indicator1 + XP5


  • In the show, it is never specifically said that John's Pharmaceuticals is in Springfield Heights.


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