Just Rainsticks

Level Required


Release Date

June 12, 2013

Number of Quests


Just Rainsticks is a quest dealing with the Squidport. It features Just Rainsticks


A list of all the included quests are listed below:

Quest Requirements Reward
Just Rainsticks Make Lisa Browse for Rainsticks Cash


Just RainsticksEdit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Ooh, an entire store filled with rainsticks! How can I choose just one?‎"
Bart Icon "Lis, even you have to see those things are beyond lame. It's a giant, slow rattle.‎"
Lisa Icon "Rainsticks were invented by the Aztecs who believed that by recreating the sound of rain, they could call forth rainstorms to water their crops.‎"
Bart Icon "Well, they should have invented a stick that recreated the sound of them not being conquered by the Spanish.‎"
Lisa Icon "Wow. That was actually historically accurate.‎"
Bart Icon "I perk up in class when there's ass-whoopings.‎"

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