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King Homer's Skyscraper

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King Homer's Skyscraper


Goo Currency Icon30 billion [XXIV]
Donuts250 [XXV]

Level Required






King Homer's Skyscraper is the highest Community prize in the Treehouse of Horror XXIV Event, which required 30 billion GOO to be collected. The item was achieved on 2 November 2013, less than a week before the event ended. This is the sixth Aspirational Building to be released in the game. Even though the building provides no income, it does have an animation of a plane flying around the tower and King Homer trying to climb it. Like in the show, King Homer does not make it more than one story before falling to the ground. Although it's a building, it is listed as a decoration.

The building was re-released during the Treehouse of Horror XXV Event for 250 donuts from the 25th to the 26th of October, 2014.

Simpsons Wiki DescriptionEdit

King Homer attempts to climb a tall building, but is unable to get even one story above the ground. King Homer collapses in exhaustion, and Marge helpfully suggests that he eat more vegetables and fewer people.

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Unlocking DialogueEdit

Character Dialogue
Burnsicon "Behold my towering, hideous monstrosity."
Margeicon "I don't know I think that ape is kind of cute."
Burnsicon "I was referring to my skyscraper. I always wanted to ruin the skyline of downtown Springfield, and now I've done it."
"But now you mention it, there is some kind of oversized lemur clinging to my building."
Margeicon "He's so handsome and strong."
Burnsicon "If by strong you mean the overpowering aroma of ape sweat and rotten bananas, I agree. Shoo, ape! Shoo!"
Tap the Skyscraper to Shoo the Ape
Burnsicon "I think he's angry. Nice ape, don't hurt me. I'm half monkey myself: heart, spleen, and one buttock."
Margeicon "Aw, come home with me, you giant ape. I'll sew you some underpants out of Homer's tighty-whiteys. Three pairs ought to do it."


  • King Homer's Skyscraper is from the Treehouse of Horror III episode (King Homer).
  • Since the episode from which the Skyscraper comes was entirely in black and white, the tower itself is also  monochromatic.
  • When tapped, a biplane flies around the top.
  • King Homer is a parody of King Kong.


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