Krusty Burger Heavy User

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Schoolhouse Crock

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It's Pronounced Nu-cular

Krusty Burger Heavy User is a small chain of quests that unlocks Gulp 'N' Blow


A list of all of the included quests can be found below:

Quest Task Time Reward
Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 1 Make Homer eat at Krusty Burger Cash100
Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 2 Make Homer eat at Krusty Burger Cash100
Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 3 Build Gulp 'N' Blow Cash100


Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon

"I gotta get to Krusty Burger by 10:29 so I can order a Krusty Egg Sandwich, and then a Krusty Burger a minute later."

Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Ooh, it's lunchtime! Think I'll get a Krusty Burger!"
Lisa Icon "But you just went there this morning dad."
Homer Icon "And it satisfied my man-sized cravings. If it ain't not broke, don't unfix it."

Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "I'm going to Krusty Burger for dinner."
Lisa Icon "Dad, you can't eat Krusty Burgers for every meal of the day!"
Homer Icon "You're right."

"We need to build a Gulp 'N' Blow "So I can get a burger there."

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