"Christmas" Totem
Krusty Totem Pole

Need to Collect/Unlocked

Gift450000000 (2013)
Santa's Tasks (2014)

Level required




Payout Increase



Christmas Clearance

The "Christmas" Totem was the first community prize from the Christmas 2013 Event. 450 million Gift Bags were required to be placed to unlock this prize, which was achieved in the late evening of December 17. The image of the totem pole had been in the game files since before December 2012, and was unreleased for over a year along with other snow-covered objects. You could have gotten the "Christmas" Totem if you log into the game by January 14, 2014.

In the Christmas 2014 Event, It was one of the prizes available upon completing one of the Santa's Tasks.

The TotemEdit

The "Christmas" Totem is a Statue seen next to Kamp Krusty.


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