This page is about the area. For the update, see Krustyland Expansion.

Krustyland is the second area for the player to build on, following the regular Springfield. It was released on July 31, 2013 along with the Krustyland Expansion. The main currency used in Krustyland are Krustyland Tickets, although donuts are also used for premium purchases. In Krustyland, Cash does not have any use, but when the player has completed all of the quests in The Krusty-est Place On Earth, they may convert their surplus Krustyland Tickets for cash at the Krustyland Entrance

My Krustyland - view 1

A screenshot of a player's Krustyland

In Krustyland, there are parking lots where the ocean would be in the player's Springfield. Nothing can be placed on the parking lots, much alike the ocean in Springfield, but the Krustyland Entrance may only be put there, in a pre-determined spot, and then cannot be moved, or even stored, by the player.

Trivia Edit

  • Krustyland is sometimes excepted from some features of Springfield:
    • Krustyland Buildings with a payout of 24h or less can still have their incomes sped up with donuts, despite buildings in Springfield no longer being able to do so since the Wild West 2016 Event.
    • Upgrades from the IRS Building to increase tap radius of income collections are on a smaller scale than what it is meant to be.
    • Krustyland is largely unaffected by almost all features of major events, apart from aesthetic changes.
    • Krustyland Debris cannot be stored, despite regular Debris being able to.
  • If the player travels to Krustyland by tapping "Go To" on a charcter task for a character that is in Krustyland, the IRS collection radius is completely disabled and Sideshow You cannot be used.

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