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Legs and Louie quests

Level required


Number of quests


Release date

April 18, 2013

Preceded by

The Cleaner

Succeeded by

There Are Winners And Skinners

The Legs and Louie quests are a series of Level 28 quest revolving around Legs and Louie.


Quest Requirements
Badfellas Fat Tony, Legs, and Louie go to Moe's Tavern
El-Bartito’s Way Make Bart Simpson serve Manhattans
Casino Racino Make Marge Simpson protest, Make Fat Tony fix races
Taking Care of Business Make Legs and Louie interrogate a squealer.
The Italian Job Make Fat Tony go to Luigi's for a special dinner
Gangster Paradise Make Legs perform a hit, Make Louie smuggle goods
Puff Justice Make Fat Tony Run Organized Crime from Prison, Make Legs and Louie take a break in the slammer
Business as Usual Make Legs 'protect' local business, Make Louie collect tribute



Character Dialogue
"Welcome back boys. I trust you have kept your law-breaking skills sharp?"
"I practiced my felonies every day."
"I extorted manneguins so I wouldn't forget how to do it to people.
"I look forward to bleeding dry this town we so love."

"But first let us toast to our touching reunion."

El-Bartito’s WayEdit

Character Dialogue
"Hey Fat Tony! I've been looking to take my mischief to the next level. Any chance you could use an extra set of hands?"
"Maybe. Do you know how to mix a Manhattan?"
"Umm…booze, some hooch, and then whiskey?"
That’s pretty close, boss. I’ll vouch for him.
"Congratulations, urchin. You are my new bartender."

Casino RacinoEdit

Character Dialogue
Mayor Quimby, as a mother and a worrywart, I'm concerned about Springfield's growing Mafia problem."

"There are even reports of unsavory characters down at the dog track. Of all places!"

"Marge, I promise you – this office will not rest until it looks like we’re doing something about the whatever-you’re-on-about. In fact, I’m so against corruption that many people say “Corruption” is my middle name."

Taking Care of BusinessEdit

Character Dialogue
"Boys, Marge Simpson is onto us. Someone in our organization squealed. I need you to find out who."
"Wouldn’t it just be easier to “take care” of this Simpson lady?"
"Louie, Louie, Louie. Women are for taking care of, not “take care” of. Find some guy to nuts on instead."

The Italian Job Edit

Character Dialogue
Luigi-Icon "Welcome, back, a-Fat a-Tony. I can't tell-a you how I've missed paying for-a your protection."
"Which I will now collect. Back-dated, of course, to the birth of New Springfield."
Luigi-Icon "But I didn’t get unlocked until level 18. It’s-a not fair!"
"Then you can file a complaint at the monthly meeting of the Extortionee’s Committee. The system is in place for a reason."

Gangster ParadiseEdit

Character Dialogue
"Boys, I require your services"
"Do you mind? "Antiques Roadshow" is on!"
My apologies, The Roadshow, as always, takes precendence.

Puff JusticeEdit

Character Dialogue
"Fat Tony? You and your crew are under arrest."
"Whatever for, Officer?"
"Impersonating an Ethnic Stereotype. You’re sentenced to 24 years in prison. Oops, this says 24 hours. Must be a typo. You’re lucky I don’t like refilling out forms."

Business as Usual Edit

Character Dialogue
"Break's over boys. Go forth and terrify."

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