Mall-O-Rail Station
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For all your overpriced shopping needs.

Content Updates

Monorail 2015 Event
Dilapidated Rail Yard Expansion

How to Unlock

1st Personal Prize, Act 3 (2015)
Complete Rail Yard Weekly Prizes (2016+)

Need to Collect

Bells and Whistles Currency Icon5200 (2015)
Blueprints Currency Icon 25000 (2016+)


Possums Currency Icon8+ (during Event)
Cash150, XP13 (after Event)

Collection Time

4 hours (during event)
8 hours (after Event)



Building Time

6 seconds


Fast Track to Success


Spawning Possums

Conformity Increase

Consumerism: +10

The Mall-O-Rail Station is a limited time building released on September 4, 2015, during the Monorail 2015 Event. It's the first prize to be won in the Event's Act Three. It comes with different extensions

It was released again, losing its limited time status, for the Dilapidated Rail Yard Expansion. It is a possible prize for players who did not obtain it during the initial event.

Possum's Rewards Edit

The more tracks the Player add to its monorail, the more Possums will be rewarded. See table to see the amount.

№ of tracks Possums per station
0-11 Possums Currency Icon8
12-23 Possums Currency Icon9
24-35 Possums Currency Icon10
36-47 Possums Currency Icon11
48-59 Possums Currency Icon12
60-71 Possums Currency Icon13
... 8 + ( total amount of tracks / 12 )

Trivia Edit

  • It generates "possums", offspring of Bitey the opossum who had taken up residence in the monorail's control cabin.

Gallery Edit

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