Mission Unpossible
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April 25, 2017

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The Worn Identity (Act 2)

Mission Unpossible is the fourth main questline for the Secret Agents 2017 Event. It is the main questline for Act 3.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Mission Unpossible Pt. 1 Make Homer Receive Shock Therapy 4h Corporate Intel Icon100
Mission Unpossible Pt. 2 Make Homer Take Some Time Off
Make Homer's Alter Ego Work a Double Shift
Corporate Intel Icon100
Mission Unpossible Pt. 3 Make Homer Get Out of the Spy Game 4h Corporate Intel Icon100
Mission Unpossible Pt. 4 Make Homer Do One Last Job 4h Corporate Intel Icon100
Mission Unpossible Pt. 5 Make Homer Receive More Shock Therapy 4h Corporate Intel Icon500

Dialogue Edit

Mission Unpossible Pt. 1 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Hank Scorpio Annoyed Icon I don't like the look of this chatter. We may have a mole among us.
Homer Serious Icon At the risk of thinking way outside of the box, I accuse Moleman!
Hank Scorpio Icon You're going to need to go deep, deep under cover, Homer. A doub- trip- no, a DODECA agent.
Professor Frink Icon I'll fix him up so hoyvin-glayvin much Homer'll be more mole than man.
Homer Icon Ooh... some sort of super secret, special training?
Professor Frink Icon No time for that.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Blort Icon Does everything taste purple to anyone else?

Mission Unpossible Pt. 2 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Marge Scared Icon Homey, I'm worried: you're barely eating eight meals a day, and last night I caught you interrogating yourself on the toilet.
Homer Serious Icon I was just yelling at the toilet paper. It knows why.
Marge Scared Icon You're clearly overdoing it for Mr. Scorpio.
Homer Icon Marge, you knew what you were getting into when you married a spy.
Marge Serious Icon I didn't marry a spy! Just promise me you'll take some time off.
Homer Serious Icon Fine, but if Mr. Scorpio calls, I'm busy carrying out his nefarious directives.
Add exchange-student-turned-international-spy Adil Hoxha to your team today and put his skills to work for the only country that matters, yours!
— System Message.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Marge Surprised Icon Homer, where have you been?
Homer Confused Icon Where am I NOW?

Mission Unpossible Pt. 3 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Sad Icon Hank, I think I need to get out of the spy game.
Hank Scorpio Icon What's the trouble, Homer? Losing your identity? Can't take all the lying and backstabbing?
Homer Sad Icon No, I love those parts. I'm too confused by the spoons that are also forks, or pens with invisible ink.
Hank Scorpio Icon It's not invisible ink – you left the cap on.
Homer Skeptical Icon And I suppose my shoe phone is just a shoe?!

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Guilty Icon Sorry to let you down, Hank. I know you saw something special in me.
Hank Scorpio Icon That's okay, Homer. I only chose you because we have the same initials: it saved me a buttload on monogrammed office supplies.

Mission Unpossible Pt. 4 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Sad Icon I'm here to turn in my badge, Hank.
Hank Scorpio Icon I never gave you a badge.
Homer Icon Oh, right. That's a mustard stain.
Hank Scorpio Icon Look, Homer, what if instead of getting out of the spy game, you do one last job?
Homer Thoughtful Icon You mean like the "one last job" that's suppose to make me set for life, but instead gets me killed or imprisoned?
Hank Scorpio Icon Well... yes.
Homer Happy Icon A job offer is a job offer!

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon That's it, Hank: I'm out – and I burned off my fingerprints.
Hank Scorpio Icon You didn't have to do that.
Homer Icon It wasn't on purpose. I tried to pull bacon out of a deep fryer with my bare hands.

Mission Unpossible Pt. 5 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Hank Scorpio Annoyed Icon Where do you think YOU'RE going?
Homer Icon We had a deal: one more job, then I'm out.
Hank Scorpio Icon I can't just let you go back to walking around town with all those secrets in your head.
Homer Scared Icon Are you here to... KILL ME?
Hank Scorpio Icon Only the parts you won't need anymore.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Happy Icon Nigerian inheritance? I'm rich!

Trivia Edit

  • The name for this questline is a reference to Mission: Impossible, a 1960s TV show and a line of films starring Tom Cruise.