More Leftovers


Thanksgiving 2014 Event

Released Date

November 29, 2014

Number of Quests


More Leftovers is a questline from the Thanksgiving 2014 Event.


Quest Requirements Time Triggered By
More Leftovers Pt. 1 Build Stomach Staple Center 6s Homer
More Leftovers Pt. 2 Make Krusty Go to the Stomach Staple Center 16h Krusty


More Leftovers Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I ate TOO much."
"Where can a guy buy a backup stomach?"
Comic Book Guy Icon "Worst belly-ballooning ever!"
Dr. Nick Icon "Hello, my chubby buddies! I have just the thing to help you out!"
Homer Icon "Is it a cure?"
Comic Book Guy Icon "Is it a crane?"
Dr. Nick Icon "It's a clue! It's something you can build!"

More Leftovers Pt. 2Edit


Character Dialogue
Krusty Icon "Finally a Stomach Staples in Springfield! No more back alley rhinoplasty for me!"


Character Dialogue
Squeaky Voice Teen Icon "May I take your order?"
Krusty Icon "Let's see..."
"I'll have the tummy-tuck combo, with a medium lypo and calf implants on the side."
Squeaky Voice Teen Icon "Would you like french thighs with that?"
Krusty Icon "Since I'm trying to watch my figure, why not!"

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