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Mr. Plow
Mr. Plowicon

Release Date

January 11, 2013

Number of Quests


Mr. Plow is a premium, limited time quest chain featuring the Mr. Plow costume for Homer Simpson.


Quest Requirements
Mr. Plow Pt. 1 Make Mr. Plow Attempt to Melt Snow
Mr. Plow Pt. 2 Make Mr. Plow Break into the Brown House to Watch his Commercial
Mr. Plow Pt. 3 Make Mr. Plow Clear Snow
Mr. Plow Pt. 4 Make Mr. Plow Clear Snow
Mr. Plow Pt. 5 Make Mr. Plow Eat the Key to the City
Mr. Plow Pt. 6 Build the First Church of Springfield
Make Mr. Plow Attend Church
Mr. Plow Pt. 7 Make Mr. Plow Wear Jacket to Bed


Mr. Plow Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Mr. Plowicon "Woohoo! I can call myself Mr. Plow again. After being a father, a husband, and a Mayan, finally a title that confers some respect."
Guyicon "Ahem. I don't see how that moniker applies when you have no plow. That would be like me calling myself Aquaman when I have no Spanish water."
Mr. Plowicon "I don't need a plow. I have radioactive plutonium!"


Character Dialogue
Guyicon "Great, I can't wait to find out what radioactive creature bites me. I'm pulling for mongoose."

Mr. Plow Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Mr. Plowicon "I restarted this business hours ago, and yet I still don't have a global empire."
"Maybe that commercial I made will heat up business. Or since I'm in the snow game, 'cool it down'?"
Moeicon "Heh heh. Good one, Mr. Plow... you idiot."
Mr. Plowicon "I should check it out. Make sure the camera didn't add any weight."

Mr. Plow Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Nedicon "Morning, Homer. I was sifting the ol' 'stache-arino, when I couldn't help notice you're trying to break into my garage."
Mr. Plowicon "Stupid Flanders. I needed to 'borrow' something from you, but I didn't want to wake you up."
Nedicon "How neighborly of you. Well, I can unlock it for you now."
Mr. Plowicon "Don't think you can. Already broke the lock."

Mr. Plow Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue

"Someone pushed a mound of snow up the doors of my store, blocking both I and my customers from entering!"
"Only a person with a plow could have done this."

Mr. Plowicon "Did I hear someone in need of the services of Mr. Plow?"
Apuicon "Ugh. Fine, Mr. Plow, I will pay you to clean this up, while not making logical assumptions about who caused it."
Mr. Plowicon "Woohoo! There's no business like snow business."

Mr. Plow Pt. 5Edit

Character Dialogue
Quimbyicon "For, eh, all the hard work you have put in for our fair city, I would like to give you, Mr. Plow, the key to the city."
Mr. Plowicon "Hey, didn't you already give me the key and then take it back? I can Google it to make sure my memory is right."
Quimbyicon "Yes. But to make amends, I, er, ordered you a special key. This one is made of chocolate."
Mr. Plowicon "Mmmmm, honorary chocolate."

Mr. Plow Pt. 6Edit


Character Dialogue
Lovejoyicon "Praise be upon you, Mr. Plow. Now that you cleared a path to the church door, we can actually have a service."
Mr. Plowicon "Well, God can't help you every time, Reverend Lovejoy."
Lovejoyicon "And since you're here, why don't you stay for my sermon. It's like cocoa for the soul-co. Ugh -- Flanders is getting into my head."
Mr. Plowicon "Sorry, Rev. Can't give up these preemo work hours. When the snows on the ground it's ABP: Always Be Plowing."
Lovejoyicon "You know, I know a place where no one would ever pay you to plow."
Mr. Plowicon "Where the Lake of Fire melts that all away. And where it's never jacket weather."


Character Dialogue
Lovejoyicon "Welcome, everyone, to today's sermon. We begin with a ready of Corinthians 3 --"
Mr. Plowicon "Don't hog the pulpit, Reverend. I have an important announcement to make."
Lovejoyicon "Homer, that's not how church works --"
Mr. Plowicon "Tired of God's punishment that He calls snow. Salvation's in store with Mr. Plow! Just call 1-800-"
Lovejoyicon "Step down, Homer. Step down! In every flock, there's always a sheep that baas a little too loudly."

Mr. Plow Pt. 7Edit


Character Dialogue
Margeicon "Homer! Everyone's talking about what you did at church."
"How could you use the pulpit for crass, commercial self-promotion? No one has every done that before!"
Mr. Plowicon "Baby, baby, I got four new customers after that service. How many customers did Jesus every get after he talked in church"
Margeicon "Well, I'm pretty sure it was more than four. Although I think they were more followers than customers."
Mr. Plowicon "Pfft, followers don't pay you."
Margeicon "You're only getting out of this one, Mister, because you're such a beefcake in that jacket."
Mr. Plowicon "Mmmm, beefcake."

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